6’8” 280 lbs Is mostly white with black tipped horns, has a mane of black feather quills, one totally black eye and one iridescent dark purple with a slit pupil.

RageBlood Barbarian HP 64 Speed 6

Str 20 Con 19 Dex 15 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 11

AC 21 Fort 20 Relfex 16 Will 14

Trained skills: Athletics(12), Nature(10), Stealth(9) Feats: Weapon Focus(Heavy Blade), Hurl Breath, Powerful Charge, Weapon Proficiency(Fullblade) Armor: +2 Veteran’s Sharkskin Hide Weapon: +2 Deathstalker Osyluth Tail Fullblade (Poison)


Many people say you only live once, but Briar is the exception. The combined soul and body of two separate people, Briar is struggling to come to terms with his existance, and find his place in this world. He revels in battle and would rather step over someone’s body than be talked down to. He was born a Drow, cast out by his family and forced to kill his own psychotic mother in self defense. He died in the sewers of St. Clarice at the hand of Damion, an evil black scaled dragonborn. Luckily the Raven Lord himself offered him a deal: he would give him another life in return for doing the Raven Lord’s dirty work. He was given the body of a soulless Dragonborn, and renamed himself Briar. As well as keeping up his end of the bargain with the Raven Lord, Briar is also attempting to hunt down Damion for killing him.


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