Mai'ali Nightwound

Batshit insane femme fatale searching for the Shards


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giggle “Oh, don’t stop now. Things are just getting…interesting.”


  • Mai’ali Nightwound is a raven-haired half-elf. She tends to dress in dark, goth clothing, wears many piercings, and often wears makeup appearing like black tears running down her face.
  • When she was a girl, she and her twin sister were separated when a band of pirates attacked the ship they were aboard. Mai’ali was captured and held for ransom. While her family struggled to come up with the money to get her released, the pirates repeatedly abused and violated her. Worse, her family was destitute after paying the ransom, and her mother blamed her for ruining the family.
  • Mai’ali grew up with a “reputation” that she was unable to shake. She drifted into prostitution to make ends meet. Eventually, she found herself considering taking her own life. And that was when the dreams began.
  • In her dreams, a figure calling itself “Jillian, ”/wikis/the-queen-of-air-and-darkness" class=“wiki-page-link”>The Queen of Air and Darkness" came to her, and told her of a special magic within her soul. It told her she could use this magic to escape her life. In return for teaching her to tap into this power, the spirit told her that she must bring together all the shattered pieces of the spirit’s soul and grant it the rebirth that it craved. Mai’ali agreed, and made the pact that awakened her warlock powers.
  • Mai’ali used her new powers to terrify those who she felt had wronged her, and then went looking for the other Shards of Jillian. Her search led her to discover more about the nature of Jillian Maeve, her benefactor, and the soul shards she sought. Each of the shards was incarnated in the body of a woman of Jillian’s mortal bloodline. She tracked down one such Shard, a woman named Dominique, and now is seeking the others…

“And so the mighty hero gets the girl. And you want to get the girl, don’t you? Yes, you want to get her all…night…long…”


  • Mai’ali is one of the game’s BBEGs. Her ultimate plot is to reunite the Soul Shards of Jillian Maeve and cause the goddess to be reborn.
  • She is a temptress, but I want the players to have some pity for her, or at least a few good reasons NOT to kill her when they have a chance. The fact that she has an innocent soul hostage should help with that.

“Tayce, Tayce, Bloodyblades…stalks the night on goat-foot legs…name him twice, call him thrice…he’ll make people go away…”—Mai’ali, singing an old nursery rhyme


  • Tayce Bloodyblades is an evil spirit that bound its soul to an artifact dagger in exchange for immortality. Mai’ali found the dagger, and then found a way to bind the spirit into a living host, granting the host power at the cost of being under her control. The host she found was a rogue by the name of Claude Pierrot, who mistook her for his old girlfriend, Dominique Leroux. He made the mistake of trying to attack her, and she used his body as a physical host for the Tayce spirit. She now has complete domination over the spirit, which has to act out her orders. The spirit acts as her personal assassin.
  • The Chosen are a cult of Shadar Kai who have turned against the Raven Lord’s patronage and turned to the worship of the Nightmare Prince Verkinx Kazrael. They lair in the Shroudmist Forest, believing that the evil fairy lord works his will through the unnatural mist that lurk there. Mai’ali has convinced them the she is an avatar of The Queen of Air and Darkness, the Nightmare Prince’s dead daughter, which is not very far from the truth. She relies on them for spying around the town.
  • Marcel DuParis knows Mai’ali only as the sultry woman who has been tempting him to have an affair. He does not know that Mai’ali only want to use him to get access to the library of the Amyran church and the extensive genealogical records within, so she can identify more members of Jillian’s bloodline. She also considers him a prime candidate in her plan to usher in the rebirth of the goddess, once she has found all the remaining Shards of Jillian.
  • Angelique DuParis, Marcel’s wife, is a threat to her plans, and she wants to see the eladrin removed. However, she has lately been under the protection of Audric Cwellen, an Amyran paladin. So Mai’ali has been using Tayce striking at the paladin instead of the wife, hoping to get him concentrating on his safety over Angelique’s so she can strike. She is unaware that Audric is actually romantically interested in Angelique. If she knew, she would have exactly what she needs to get Angelique out of the picture.

Mai'ali Nightwound

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