Tamasin Dolet

Devout Cleric worshipping The Raven Lord


Cleric/Invoker Lvl 6

14 STR 16 CON 12 DEX 12 INT 18 WIS 15 CHA

20 AC 17 FORT 15 REF 20 WILL

53 Hit Points

6 Speed

22 Passive Insight 24 Passive Perception

3 Acrobatics 9 Arcana 4 Athletics 5 Bluff 5 Diplomacy 7 Dungeoneering 5 Endurance 12 Heal 4 History 7 Insight 5 Intimidate 9 Nature 14 Perception 11 Religion 3 Stealth 5 Streetwise 3 Thievery


Ritual Caster Alchemist Novice Power Multiclass (Invoker) Purifying Light Acolyte (Invoker)

Languages Known: Common, Elven, Goblin

Rituals Known: Gentle Repose, Silence, Corpse Light, Last Sight Vision, Undead Ward, Speak with Dead, Seek Rumor

Alchemical Items:

Antivenom (1), Ghoststrike Oil (3), Clearsense (3), Tanglefoot Bag (4), Bloodstinger Poison (3), Herbal Poultrice (1), Alchemist Silver (1), Slowstep Oil (1)

Components: 88 GP Religious, 52 GP Arcane, 60 GP Healing, 65 GP Alchemical

Gems: 1 Rock Crystal, 1 Jade

Magic Items:

1 Exalted Chain, gives 1d10 CHA Mod healing once per day.

+1 Resounding Staff, when hit once per day the target will be stunned until the end of my next turn.

+1 Symbol of Hope, The Raven’s Head, Critical: 1d6 with implement, Daily power when an ally is hit within 5 squares with an attack that a save can end a +5 bonus is given to saving throws against the effect.


At Will: Lance of Faith, Righteous Brand

Encounter: Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune, Channel Divinity: Turn Undead, Healing Word, Divine Glow, Astral Terror (exchanged with Divine Glow) Daunting Light

Daily: Cascade of Light, Shield of Faith, Consecrated Ground, Cure Serious Wounds


Tamasin is an Elf that is a mere 5’5 inches tall and weighs around 130 pounds, making her a little more than skin and bones. She has long black hair that is usually braided back and held with ribbon. Her eyes are a crystalline blue color that match, almost to the exact shade, the color of her robes. She is usually adorned in ornate robes that have a black sash and golden accents. Underneath the robes are a pair of worn lace up brown boots.

Her chosen weapon is a quarterstaff that has a set of scales (the symbol of the Raven Lord) hanging from the upper end. The middle is wrapped in textured leather. Her other weapon that she can use is a longbow. However, the bow is her last resort.

She is a cleric of The Raven Lord Daynal and extremely devout in her beliefs. Sometimes so much so she uses her blind faith as a shield and even talks in circular logic to “validate” her points and combat others opinions of her religion. She was turned to the faith after the tragic death of her brother Bairn. She admired the cleric who tended to his body so much that she decided to become his pupil.

She grew up in The Shroud Mist Grove which is located between the feywild and the country of Coralton. There she spent time with her friends Lady Topaz an Eladrin ranger who worships the life goddess Minora, Kaz’Meh a bugbear ranger, and Gorag a Dworc (Half Dwarf, Half Orc. She was often seen attempting to keep Topaz out of trouble and eventually ending up in trouble. One of the few times often brought up is when Topaz managed to get Kaz’meh to turn blue, Tamasin Purple, and Gorag Pink.

To date, Topaz and Tamasin left the Shroud Mist for their own reasons but decided to travel together. Mostly it was Tamasin’s idea so she could continue to try and look out for her reckless friend. Tamasin left because she would be able to spread the word of The Raven Lord better and also put more dead to rest than she would if she stayed in the Grove.

They joined up with the Draconic Brotherhood and were put in the same adventuring group. Since then Kaz’meh has joined them quite on coincidence, but a welcome one none the less. Since she joined the Draconic Brotherhood she has been having Dreams and Visions that come to her in her sleep. Oddly, they have been telling the future and that has been disturbing her greatly.

Tamasin Dolet

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