Zifer Cwellen



1) Zifer is the proud son of a merchant. His father, Gabriel, runs a dry goods shop in the city of Notre Dame. The family was never rich, but they never wanted for anything. He has two younger siblings, his brother Ged and his ‘baby’ sister Natasha. His brother is about two years younger than Zifer, Tasha about four. His mother Annyania is half-eladrin. Her maiden name is du Paris. Yes, one of THOSE duParis’s. Her mother and her had a ‘falling out’ over Anny’s choice of husbands, and refuses to talk to her. Anny’s father does send letters and gifts for the grandkids, but always through hidden channels.

2) Zifer has always had a core instinct to protect people. He got into many fights growing up, but it was always because he was jumping in to help other kids being bullied. Unfortunately, his heart was usually greater than his ability, so he ended up losing a lot. During one of these fights, a man jumped in and chased to older kids off. Ehrol took the kid back to his home to get him cleaned up. He said he had been watching Zifer for some time. AS Ehrol talked to Zifer about why he kept getting into fights, Ehrol discovered that this kid felt a lot of the same things as the older man did, even if Zifer wasn’t able to put a lot of his feelings into actual words. Ehrol offered to show Zifer a few things about fighting, and Zifer took him up on his offer.

3)Zifer took to fighting like a duck taking to water. What was probably only intended to be a few boxing or wrestling moves turned into more of an apprenticeship that would last for years. Mixed in with the lessons of swordplay, Ehrol also showed Zifer how to survive in the wilds. Also during this time, Ehrol would often leave days, even weeks at a time. The most that he would tell Zifer was that he was leaving for a while, and no matter how Zifer would ask, he refused to talk about what he was doing.

4)Zifer grew up in the shadow of the infamous Black Dragon of Notre Damn. Beginning five years before Zifer was born, these attacks would occur every seven years. No one knows why the dragon attacks, and all attempts to defend the city from her prove worthless. The last attack occurred 3 years ago. Zifer was sixteen, and Ehrol decided that he was old enough to stand with the defenders. Zifer witnessed first hand the horror and devastation caused by the dragon, as well as a feeling of helplessness as everything that was tried failed to stop her. After discussing the attack with Ehrol, they decided to try to backtrack the dragon, to try and determine the reasons for the attacks.

5)After the trail grew cold, the two turned their attention to other matters. They tramped around Coralton and beyond as Ehrol started to show Zifer more of the world, giving the young man some much needed experience in the ‘real world’. It seemed that wherever they went, Ehrol was known and liked. He was usually greeted with friendly smiles and wished well. Oddly enough, A lot of times, Ehrol would walk up to someone and ask or be asked the question “Have you heard the parable of the White Fox,” at which point they would lean in close to each other and talk to quietly for Zifer to hear the rest. Three years into their journey, Ehrol told Zifer that he had something important he had to deal with, and gave Zifer a letter to take to a man in St. Clarice, one of the major trading cities in Coralton.

Goals: 1) Zifer’s main goal is to better himself, in order to better defend people. He also wants to get good enough to be able to stop that damn dragon.

2) I’d like to see Zifer become a Hero, as much for being himself as for his skill with a sword.

People: 1) Master Ehrol: Combination friend, mentor, and uncle who ‘got’ him. Ehrol was responsible for teaching Zifer how and more importantly why to fight.

2) Angelique DuParis: During a secret meeting to determine how the Slayer’s could help find a leak in the underground, Zifer got a chance to see more of Angelique than most people do, and not just the unbuttoned shirt. Both of them know that they are on the edge of some secret society, but neither of them are really ‘in’ the society.


Memories: 1)His family taking refuge in the Great Cathedral of Notre Dame during the third dragon attack. Zifer remembers looking at the altar to Cyra Morwyn and wondering why the gods didn’t do something. This doubt in the powers of the “gods” is still with him.

2)The day he met master Ehrol.

3)The day he left Notre Dame, and the emotions of his family. His father’s look of pride in his son, His mother’s love. Ged attempting to look aloof and uncaring, and Tasha bawling her eyes out.

Zifer Cwellen

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