Yorick The Mad

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King Myron Yorick, most famously known as “Yorick The Mad” to most historians outside of Calyeron and “Uncle Myron” to the Calyeri themselves, was the infamous king who, seeking to return Calyeron to “its proper place in the world,” launched a series of wars over shipping and trade routes with Coralton.

Yorick the Mad’s legacy is mixed. Though the Trade Wars were ultimately unsuccessful in securing any sea routes, they did succeed in capturing and holding lands that provided much prosperity for the kingdom. King Yorick was a narcissist who built monuments to himself (most famously by defacing the state “The Empire Watches Over You” in Old Notre Dame to have his likeness) and a deathtrap-filled dungeon, but he inspired zeal in the people to reclaim their culture and is lauded with a hero for his conquests, as well as for not going quietly when the Trade Wars came to an abrupt end after The Battle of Reaper’s Grasp.

1 ACW (1645 KR)—Myron Yorick is born.

31 ACW (1675 KR) — A bloody coup in Calyeron sees Myron Yorick defeat and behead his brother Calvin. Myron becomes known as Yorick The Mad. He begins a purge of disloyal elements in his government. Calyeron launches a campaign to recapture the territory it had once seized after the Hundred Years Chaos.

32 – 48 ACW (1676 – 1692 KR) — Yorick the Mad declares war on Coralton and attempts to seize several trade routes, both sea and overland. The Trade Wars begin. Yorick grants letters of marque to pirate crews, which leads to Cyrano The Black organizing a new Black Fleet and reclaiming the title of The Dread Pirate Hellbeard.

33 ACW (1677 KR) — Yorick the Mad sends a force to occupy Notre Dame. They encounter trouble in the monster-infested ruins of Old Notre Dame, then are routed by veterans of the Hundred Years Chaos when they try to cross Montaire Bridge. The attempted siege is broken before Coral Town even receives word of the attack. In response to the attempted invasion, Coralton relocates The Coralton Royal Army to Notre Dame. Yorick orders Old Notre Dame rebuilt, installs his own garrison in the old city, and builds a deathtrap-filled dungeon to dispose of prisoners as a monument to his greatness. Construction of the Dungeon of Doom takes ten years.

45 ACW onward (1689 KR) — The White Fox, a ship captained by a mysterious raven-haired woman, begins attacking ships of The Black Fleet, often coming to the aid of ships in distress and providing crucial support to the Coralton Royal Navy. Cyrano The Black posts bounties on the sinking of The White Fox which grow progressively higher as the years pass.

48 ACW (1692 KR)—The Battle of Reaper’s Grasp, a massive battle around the infamous maelstrom, breaks the Black Fleet. Cyrano The Black’s flagship is forced into the Grasp by The White Fox, though that ship is badly damaged in the fight. The remains of the Black Fleet are picked apart by the Navy, and the few survivors scurry off to Skullport. Coralton marches troops into Old Notre Dame and Cliffport and blockades [Calyeron capital]. King Yorick goes down fighting, and legend has it that before he went down he was poisoned, shot, stabbed, beaten, and tossed in [river name], where he finally died of hypothermia after trying to claw his way out of the ice. King Yorick’s successor is forced to sign The Treaty of Cliffport, and Coralton forces moves to occupy The Gash. All Letters of Marque authorized by King Yorick are voided. The Coralton Occupation of Calyeron begins.

Yorick The Mad

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