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“When my ascension begins, you will hear children screaming. A smoking orb of void will grow above your city, from which will emerge a thousand starving shadows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, I will open my mouth, and sing the song that ends The Three Worlds.”

Blackfire is the dark thing that haunts Notre Dame‘s nightmares, the hated immortal dracolich that appears every seven years to rain terror and death on the city. The Cult of Blackfire venerates her as a god, and though she isn’t one yet, the day may soon come when all will bow beneath her and despair. (Icon) (The Devil) (Villainous, CE)

Usual Location

It’s not known precisely where Blackfire dwells when she’s not attacking the city, but her cults have been found in the Égout section of the sewers and tunnels of Notre Dame.

Common Knowledge

Every seven years, on the dreaded Eighth Day of Summerend, the dragon Blackfire has appeared over Notre Dame and laid waste to the city. Her motives are unknown, but her rampages are lethal. She has a cult dedicated to her ascendance that works in the cracks of society, working on transforming her from “merely” an ancient shadowy dracolich of immense power into a god.

Adventurers and the Icon/Anchor

Evil adventurers gain access to secret knowledge, training, or magic by allying themselves with Blackfire. True heroes make their name fighting against her.


Blackfire’s ambitions are fueled with help from The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow. The Neverborn Prince has sided with her for now, though he has his own thoughts about achieving godhood. The Church of Deals funnels resources her way – she thinks of this as tribute, The Obzedat consider this a long-term loan.


The Warden of the Alabaster Aegis despises Blackfire and many of his wards are bent to keeping her damage to a minimum. The Exalt has declared a crusade to destroy her. Oddly enough, the cult of Blackfire openly attacks The Song of Stars, though their insistence on tearing down the very gods Blackfire wishes to be a part of might have something to do with that.


The True Danger

Everything will be all right, as long as Blackfire’s godhood ritual fails.

The Cult of Blackfire
Belief: The Cult of Blackfire believes that the dragon Blackfire can, with enough channeled soul energy and the right rituals, become an Exarch of The Dark Reaper, or even take that deity’s place.
Goal 1: Collect souls from the poor and dispossessed in order to fuel rituals to help Blackfire ascend.
Goal 2: Destroy the Great Church.
Rituals: Every 7 years there is a leap year, during which the Shadowfell draws closer to the world. The Cultists have a mass sacrifice to call forth Blackfire from the Shadowfell to attack Notre Dame on the 8th day of the Summerend festival, and collect the souls of those the dragon slaughters. In between summonings, they test various methods of using that soul energy, seeking a way to propel their patron to godhood. These experiments tend to leave behind corpses, which they animate as guardians.

Ethar’authavaeros (Her breath is black fire), AKA Blackfire, The Herald of Reaper
[CE ancient female shadow dragon dracolich]
Appearance: Blackfire is a giant, black-scaled dragon with obviously rotting skin. Her breath is pure necrotic energy that manifests as black-burning fire. She is most often found chasing down prey.
Portrayal: Queen dragon of the Shadowfell. Dreams of power for power’s sake.
Ideals, Flaws, Bonds: Gluttony, Fortitude, Pride
Hooks: Seeks to become a God, or at the very least an Exarch of the Dark Reaper. Her cult wishes to recover The Necronomicon to create a Doom that would allow Blackfire to exist in the Middle World full time.

Koschi The Deathless, The Hollow King
[NE ancient male Moil shadar kai lich mage]
Appearance: Skeletal, with large emeralds in his eye sockets and a great long beard made of moss.
Portrayal: Energetic lich lord with an ancient grudge. He seeks to tear down the legacy of St. Tremayne, who put an end to his ambitions of conquest. He would like to see the Great Church burn.
Ideals, Flaws, Bonds: Faith, Wrath, Envy
Hooks: Koschi was alive during the time of St. Tremayne. He was defeated by the saint and his phylactery was kept as a holy relic with the saint’s bones, preventing him from regenerating until The Exalt had St. Trmayne’s bones removed. He is responsible for organizing the cult, and he would like nothing more than to destroy The Great Church. He also fears that St. Tremayne’s blessed blade will be recovered and used to slay him once and for all. He also fears a propecy from The Rise Of The Fallen that states that: “The Dark Reaper’s heart beats beneath the white city, calling to those who would destroy faith. If the book of the dead is read on the day the dragon’s shadow falls, and the scythe that carved the world reaps one hundred mortal souls, the sun will turn black and cold in the sky. The moon will weep blood tears as doom consumes the Three Worlds. Only the sword of the saint can pierce the dark heart of the dead dragon. In the talons of platinum’s heir, the sharp key will point the way through the black lake to the holy avenger.”

(NPC, Conflict, Resolution)


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