Many countries that were part of the Kelsenon Empire continue to use Kelsenon Reckoning (KR) to date years. Kelsenon Reckoning is dated from the foundation of the Empire. Accordingly, the current year is 1843 KR.

However, since the Empire’s collapse, it has become fashionable to date years from the end of the Hundred Years Chaos instead (generally recognized as the year The Army of Darkness fled The World after the destruction of their Anchor Portals in The Feywild), and dates are noted as either Before Chaos Wars (BCW) or After Chaos Wars (ACW). The current year, according to this system, is 199 ACW.

The 364-day calender year of the Kelsenon Empire, which is the one used by the campaign, is divided by season into 12 months consisting of 30 days each, plus 4 days used as festival days that aren’t technically part of the calender (these are the equinoxes and solstices). Every seven years, however, the calender goes out of synch, so an extra day is added (this “leap day” is celebrated as The Eighth Day of Summerend in most areas). The names of the months vary from area to area, so only generalizations are placed here. The year begins in early spring, which is about a month after the winter solstice.

Month—corresponding month in our calender

  • Late Winter—January
  • Early Spring—February
  • Mid Spring—March (Winterend festival held on the 15th)
  • Vernal Equinox Celebration Day
  • Late Spring—April
  • Early Summer—May
  • Mid Summer—June
  • Summer Solstice Celebration Day
  • Late Summer—July
  • Early Autumn—August
  • Mid autumn—September
  • Autumnal Equinox Celebration Day
  • Late Autumn—October (Summerend Festival held on the last week, with The Eighth Day of Summerend falling between the last day of Late Autumn and the first day of Early Winter)
  • Early Winter—November
  • Mid Winter—December
  • Winter Solstice Celebration Day (Yule festival held on the solstice—this is when the new year starts in the Kelsenon Calender)

The festival of Winterend is traditionally held in Mid Spring, while the dreaded Summerend occurs during the last week of Late Autumn. The Eighth Day of Summerend is placed at the end of this festival, as a day in between the months of Late Autumn and Early Winter.

See the Timeline for specific events in history!

The Blackfire Crusade starts with the Exalted Edict calling forth adventurers to participate in Early Autumn of 199 ACW (1843 KR). The campaign starts on the first of Mid Autumn, and will hopefully take place through Summerend.

The previous campaign took place over the Early and Mid Spring of 174 ACW (1818 KR).

The first campaign I ran in this world took place from Mid-Summer 149 ACW to Summerend 150 ACW (1793 – 1794 KR).


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