The Republic of Coralton lies on the southernmost tip of Elondaron. It is known as “The Half-Elven Nation” for the large minority of half-eladrin who live there. Coralton is a major trading port, rivaling or even surpassing those of neighboring regions. Coral Town, the capital, is one of the fastest-growing cities in Elondaron, and many predict that Coralton could become the seat of a new human empire if given the chance to flourish.

It grew from a relatively minor province in the south of the Kelsenon Empire to a major power over the course of The Hundred Years Chaos as refugees fled south to avoid the Armies of Darkness. Built around two important city-states, Coral Town and Notre Dame. Coral Town was seized and occupied by the forces of The Dread Pirate Hellbeard, until the hero Hannibal Lightfoot and his companions liberated it. Notre Dame was a military garrison that held off the rampaging forces of The Armies of Darkness, including the appearance of diabolic forces after the fall of Kelsenon. Aid from Avaleron helped end the diabolic threat. Coralton was quick to rebuild and establish itself as a major power, once the two city-states united. Today Coralton is rapidly expanding, forming and policing trade routes with other nations, in what some see is a bid to create a new empire from the ashes of the old.

Coralton is the country in which the campaign is set.

Major areas of Coralton include:


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