The Eladrin are a race of faeries from the Feywild. They tend to be graceful, ambitious, and aloof magic users. They are related to the Elves and the Drow, and were once members of a race called the Sidhe. The Eladrin see themselves as the pinnacle of form and culture.

During The Hundred Years Chaos, the eladrin empire of Avaleron was destroyed due to corruption from a secretive cabal of shapechanging wizards known as The Zargoni Conspiracy. This cabal infiltrated the Court of Stars, replaced key nobles with doppelgangers, and secretly created portals to The Shadowed Hell, which allowed The Army of Darkness to conquer the Feywild.

Unlike the humans, the Eladrin have not had the benefit of many generations to recover from the collapse of Avaleron. They are rebuilding their kingdom, but the work has been slow. The Eladrin have declared a commitment to enhancing their racial purity, even as they strengthen their ties to human lands. While most Eladrin reside in cities in the Feywild, the closeness of the two realms allows them to live in the World. One of Coralton’s major noble families is composed of Eladrin and their Half Elf descendants.

Eladrin suffer under a heavy racial burden. Though they can live to well over 300 years, as an Eladrin ages his mind begins to weaken. The Madness, as this condition is known, makes the eldest eladrin subject to strange whims and fancies, along with the slow loss of their memories. This dementia manifests in a frighteningly large number of ways, not all of which are immediately evident. This madness only gets worse among the Faerie Lords, who become functionally immortal inside their Demesnes. Traveler’s tales of being treated like royalty only for a minor transgression throwing the host into homicidal rage are likely caused by encounters with eladrin lords in the grip of The Madness.


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