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Elondaron is the eastern half of Alrahon, bordering Erigor. Elondaron is temperate, with hot summers and mild winters.

Elondaron is home to the nations of Coralton, Calyeron, Ondaron, Corsasia, and Baradan, with The Kazeron Wilds providing a buffer between the kingdoms and the Gruag-Mal. It is bounded by The Sword Sea in the north (though it connects to Northern Alrahon through a land bridge through The Gruag-Mal), The Argius Sea in the west, Lake Endless in the south, and The Shattered Sea in the southeast.

Elondaron was once a province of Bael Turath until that empire’s collapse. For many centuries, Elondaron was lightly populated, claimed by both The Kelsenon Empire and Avaleron but not heavily colonized by either nation, until The Elondaron Campaigns waged by the Emperor of Kelsenon opened the land up to Imperial expansion.

The Hundred Years Chaos forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee the more heavily populated Heartlands, and most of them fled to Elondaron. The Free Lands of Elondaron declared their independence from Kelsenon after The Fall of Argius.


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