An immortal being tied to and having some control over an aspect of Creation. They are the caretakers and guardians of reality. Their physical bodies are ageless but not indestructible; gods can and have been injured and even killed, although it is very difficult to do so. However, divine spirits ARE indestructible, and remain intact (though mostly powerless) after the destruction of the body.

For instance, The First Child’s soul was consigned to the River of Life and became one with it, meaning that it is a part of every mortal soul and grants those souls eternal longevity. The Dark Reaper lingered after being slain by the Raven Lord, eventually manipulating him into creating a new body for the spirit to inhabit. The spirit of The Queen Of Air And Darkness was torn into pieces after her body was slain by the Dark Reaper, and some of those who bear the pieces of her soul work to reunite the Shards and see the Goddess reborn.

Most gods in The Three Worlds were once mortals who tied their souls into the well-being of a portion of reality, gaining great power over that aspect in return for becoming an extension of it. Other Immortals, such as The Elemental Titans, were formed directly from various aspects of creation given life and sentience, and act as anthropomorphic personifications of the elements or philosophies that birthed them.

There are several groups of gods, known collectively as Pantheons:

  • The Seven Creators (and The First Child) created the various mortal races and the creatures that now make their homes across the universe. The First Child was killed during the First War, and the Seven eventually became corrupt and evil, turning into The Seven Devil Lords.
  • The Elemental Titans were created by The First Child to serve as traveling companions during his exile to The Ten Thousand Things. Much like The Seven Creators, the Elemental Titans created mortal races. They are responsible for the creation of dragons, giants, and elementals. They warred against The Seven when it became clear they were corrupt, but lost and were imprisoned. They were freed by The Nine Heroes during the Age of Legends, and have remained vital ever since.
  • The Nine Heroes were nine mortal beings who opposed the Age of Darkness created by the evil of the Seven. They rose up against the Seven and learned a way to make themselves immortal. They joined together after the March of the Nine to form a pantheon, and helped other mortal-born gods form their own Pantheons during the Age of Legend. However, this eventually led to The Godswar, a civil war that shattered many old kingdoms. To prevent this sort of chaos from happening again, they agreed on The Compact that limited their powers in the mortal realm and removed themselves from The World, creating The Palace of Heaven. Since the signing of The Compact there have been few major battles between various gods, but those battles have been fought by proxy in the mortal world and have been quite destructive. These battles include Vecna’s Betrayal, The Grim Harvest, and, most recently, The Hundred Years Chaos.
  • Other Pantheons, spread across the world, have their own deities. These Pantheons are region-specific.


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