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Godslayer is a weapon of terrible power, built to do exactly what the name claims.

During The Age of Empires, the Gods decided to withdraw from the world, but empowered Exarchs to speak for them and act in their names. The Raven Lord conceived an idea to create the most powerful Exarch in existence, which would slay the other avatars and become the only face of the Gods in the Three Worlds, thus making him the most powerful of the gods by being the most visible (and thus the most worshiped). Using secret necromantic lore, the Raven Lord found the remains of The Keeper, the Creator he slew during The March of the Nine. He infused these remains with a portion of his divine essence, animating the divine corpse as a monster he named The Dark Reaper.

To aid The Dark Reaper in its grisly task, The Raven Lord forged a blade from metal he mined from the dreams of the dying, tempered it with the tears of a thousand widows, sharpened it until it could cut the joy from a smile, affixed it to a charred stick of wood taken from The World Tree, and adorned it with bones from his three most devout priests. He wove a number of great and terrible enchantments over it, allowing it to steal the souls of those the blade slew and channel them into the wielder, then bestowed the scythe on his creation.

What followed was The Grim Harvest, a massacre that sank empires, shattered continents, slew Exarchs and Gods alike, and lead to the deaths of millions as the Nine tried to stop The Dark Reaper from destroying the world. Before the Dark Reaper was contained, he tossed Godslayer from him after cutting out his own heart, carving a thousand-mile gash in the skin of the world.

The damage caused by The Grim Harvest was extensive. Some say that the world itself was knocked out of alignment, creating a day the universe itself tried to forget. It is said that if the scythe and the heart of the Dark Reaper are ever brought together on this ill-omened day, it will break the lock on The Frozen Hell and allow The Dark Reaper into the world once more.


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