This is the story of Nyarael the Prophet, who wanders the Three Worlds to give the Song of Stars to those who would hear the beautiful truth. One day he was beset by five knights of the Great Fake Church, who were sent to silence the prophet because their hearts are filled with lies and they could not stand those who speak true things about their false gods. They attacked, and would have slain Nyarael, but the prophet is wise and knows many hidden spells. He opened his Crown of Eyes, and the knights fell still, crying at his beauty. One of them curled into a ball, his mind broken forever by his sorrow. Nyarael fed them the Dreamlily, that they may leave their bodies and travel the Astral Sea. There he met them in his full and true form, and sang for them the song of how all would be at peace were it not for the selfish Nameless One, who screamed and broke reality, then compounded his crime by not letting the void return to stillness but instead made a creation that should not be. One of the knights realized the folly of his life’s work and died of a broken heart. The remaining three cast away their holy symbols, forswore the false gods, and pledged themselves forever to Nyarael. Nyarael returned them to their selves, and gave them gifts of magic. Together they continued down the trail.

Little is known about the creature Nyarael, except that it is an Exarch of the entity known as The Speaker In Dreams. It used to be an angel in the service of the gods (which god depends on who is doing the telling, though the one most commonly named is The Patient One, the god of secrets who was overthrown by Lucius Vecna).

The legend says it was sent to explore Ibhar, the Black Nebula, when it first formed, but never returned. The legend says it encountered The Speaker In Dreams there, and renounced its fealty to its former god and pledged instead to the Speaker of Dreams. Now it wanders Creation, working the Speaker’s will, forming cults of Those Who Hear, and protecting those who call on the Speaker’s aid.

Nyarael, The Speaker in Dreams [NE/CE indeterminate angel-like being] Appearance: Nyarael appears as a twisted angel. Tentacles, extra (or missing) limbs, three heads, mouths that don’t belong, eyes that don’t go there, a disturbing iridescent aura—Nyarael appears different for each cult that follows the Speaker in Dreams. It always bends the line between beautiful, horrific, and just plain creepy. Portrayal: Serene and mysterious, even when roused to combat. Convinced of its eventual triumph, that all defeats are mere setbacks. Talks often of the blessed harmony of the song of stars and how there will peace when all are one. It doesn’t ever speak physically but talks through telepathy. Ideals, Flaws, Bonds: Faith, Wrath, Pride. Nyarael trusts in The Speaker in Dreams and is zealous in carrying out its duties. It seeks the ways and meands to spread the Song of Stars to all people, and to purge as unworthy those who deny the sweetness of multiversal destruction. It is convinced of its ultimate triumph, so much so that it can be blind to threats to its plans. Hooks: Herald of the Primordial. Seeks the sounds of the Nameless One’s name to speak it and end creation. Isn’t one being, but a number of angels who were sent to the Ibhar rift and were then dominated and altered by The Primordial’s power.


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