Rise of the Fallen -- The Faerie War

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The year is 174 ACW.

The Free Lands of Elondaron have risen from the ashes of the Kelsenon Empire, sundered during The Hundred Years Chaos. Once a humble trading port, the Republic of Coralton has become a beacon of light amidst the shadows that have fallen since the Empire’s demise. In less than two centuries, this mighty merchant nation has sprung alive with hope and prosperity, and is poised to be the foundation of an empire even greater and more powerful than the last.

But the shadows linger…

The armies of the Children Of Madness marshal, poised to crush the fragile bastion of law and order at winter’s end. The Undying Lord and The Queen of Wicked Winter set their gaze across the Veil, but cannot see the strings that guide their actions.

A fractured nation of otherworldly beings, once mighty and proud but grown decadent and corrupt, eyes the lands of Coralton with greed and jealousy. Desiring to reclaim their former glory and rebuild their might, they have begun acting to secretly weaken the land, presenting themselves as friends while they manipulate, poison, and betray those who trust them. Only a brave few, foxes among the wolves, have the courage to act against the aims of their kin, and they are hampered, having too few hands to work their will.

Out of a shroud of mist the sundered one calls to her blood, drawing them closer as she seeks to be reborn again.

Millennia ago, a goddess was slain and her soul carved into pieces. Today, her mortal descendants bear traces of this divine spark. It is said that these shards can be brought together, the goddess can be reborn. A goddess of secrets and desires, of air and darkness…

From the doomed city The Dark Reaper stretches out his fingers, raising the dead from their graves as he seeks the key to his prison.

Meanwhile, another evil stirs. A plague of death struck one of Coralton’s cities forty years ago, breaching the barrier between the worlds and creating a seepage of necromantic energy from The Shadowfell that lingers to this day.

The Lord of Dust seeks the pages of a book of shadows and darkness to end the cycle of death and free all from the burden of mortality, never knowing the horrors his cause would bring.

There are those who would defy their fates, cast of the chains of existence. A fallen priest seeks a terrible knowledge, the secrets to divinity itself. His blasphemy would undo the cycle of death and rebirth and drain the River of Time

The Jack of Ashes laughs in triumph as the blood moon rises and the sun turns black and cold in the sky. At his poisonous touch, the hearts of men grow weak and faithless. The living forget their gods, and the dead forget their place.

Elsewhere a charming monster has wormed his way into the heart of civilization, disguising his acts of predation as charity. As his dark influence grows, he replaces faith with bitter cynicism as servants of the gods who could oppose him are corrupted and stamped out one by one. His aim is nothing less that to kill the gods themselves through starvation, strangling the belief that allows them to work their will on reality and keep the balance.

From the endless depths of The Astral Sea a Speaker in Dreams calls out to those who hear. The song of stars is beautiful, but would crack the heavens in half.

Beyond the night sky lurks a greater evil. It sings of unity and peace – but then commands pain and death for those who would not listen to its song. Those who oppose the harmony are torn down and destroyed, and discordant strains eldritch music widen cracks in the dome of the sky…and let things wiggle through.

In halls of nightmare there sits a device to smash worlds together. At the heart is the door to a mighty prison, and the lock of the door is cracked.

Beneath the surface of the earth, in the ruins of a forgotten realm, lies the remains of an alien glory. Once it bound three worlds together, but for an age it lay dormant. That is, until a team of foolish explorers found it once more. Now there is a gate which is closed, but it is also old and cracked, and something on the other side is beating on it as it tries to get through. The crack widens and bleeds terrors…

Heed well my words! For I have seen the doom of man! The end of hope! The Rise of The Fallen!

It is into this turbulent time that a ragtag band of misfits is drawn. Their actions will change the course of history — for better or ill. You are one of these adventurers. You have chosen to leave the safe confines of your homes and travel the dangerous path of adventure. You have the destiny of the world in your hands.

When the call goes out, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, where will you stand?

Rise of the Fallen -- The Faerie War

The Rise of The Fallen TheStray7