Rise of the Fallen -- The Fiendslayers

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The year is 174 ACW

The Free Lands of Elondaron have risen from the ashes of The Kelsenon Empire, sundered during The Hundred Years Chaos. Fractured nations squabble over the territory left behind in the fallen empire’s wake. These young kingdoms with dreams of becoming the next great empire have risen to the challenge of forging their own destinies.

But there are darker forces at work…

Long ago, seven fallen gods were banished from the world, locked in Hells they created to punish mortals who defied them. But those these diabolic powers were sealed away, traces of them remained. There are doorways in the world that lead to The Seven Hells, and cults exist to break the locks that keep them shut. The Gods have retreated from the world, most say, because they fear the seals of the Seven Hells will soon open, and the fallen ones will rise once more.

The influence of the Seven can be felt in the Young Kingdoms. An army of hobgoblins backed by diabolic forces threatens to sweep the land. In the forests to the south, a whispering mist from The Shrieking Hell has transformed a forest into an abode of demons. Up north, A town has been swallowed by necromanic energy, creating a creeping doom filled with unkillable zombies. A dark witch plots to capture the shards of a dead goddess for her own ends, while a flamboyant necromancer corrupts and destroys all he touches.

Turbulent times call for heroes. A motley band of adventurers, draw together by fate, have risen to the challenge. Their actions will change the course of history — for better or ill. You are one of these adventurers. You have the destiny of the world in your hands.

Rise of the Fallen -- The Fiendslayers

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