Rogar MacCwellen

Prince of the Throda Mac Morgan, a tribe of fierce barbarians who lived in The Borderlands of The Kelsenon Empire. Rogar led his people against the orc hordes of the Gruag-Mal as a young man, but the hordes were too strong for his people. While on a mission to secure aid from the Kelsenon Empire (at war with The Witch Lord), he met with several other noble peers:

Lord Naros Myir, exiled ruler of Miyr, who had come seeking aid against the skeletal legions of The Witch Lord.

Prince Landril Goldenbow, heir to the empire of Avaleron, who had fled to the World when The Army of Darkness overran it and executed his father.

Balgron Stonehammer, dwarven ambassador from Keregorn who had refused the call to return home when the dwarves decided to abandon the rest of the world to its fate, now an outcast.

Telor Magius, a senior magus from one of Kelsenon’s wizard academies, recently promoted to Archmage and appointed to the royal court.

The five were forced to work together when the Witch Lord laid siege to Argius, directly assaulting and eventually sacking the city. The Fall of Argius and the death of King Kaius Argius triggered a succession crisis that tore the Empire apart, giving rise to The Young Kingdoms.

Rogar and the others worked to rally the demoralized troops of the fallen empire, visiting the new kingdoms to convince them to unite in the face of the Witch Lord. They trained a guerrilla army that harried the skeletal legions and scattered the Orc hordes, and finally liberated Myir from the Witch Lord, then chased the lich to his ancient fortress of Barak Tor, where they sealed him away.

Victory was in their grasp, and the war seemed over for a few years, until the invasion of The Army of Darkness from The Feywild. Again Rogar and his companions united the Young Kingdoms, and lead them to battle the diabolic army and their orc and goblin minions.

They succeeded in driving the Army of Darkness from northern Alrahon, and the Daughters of the Dawn in the south banished the devils back to The Feywild. Peace settled on the war-torn lands after a hundred years of strife and open war.

The West Star Companions, as they became known, returned to their respective races and lands, until Rogar, on a mission to restore communication with Keregorn, discovered that the dwarven lands had been destroyed by a great and terrible evil, a monster from The Savage Hell known as The Great Beast — a god of bloodshed and savagery that could influence people to hatred and mistrust. He called for the West Star Companions to gather once more to meet this threat, and led them into battle.

There, he discovered that it was Balgron, his former friend, who had summoned this monster, in revenge for being cast out during the war. Accounts differ as to what happened next. Some say Rogar was able to convince his friend of his folly, and to take up arms against the monster he’d unleashed. Other accounts say that Blagron was too corrupted by the monster, and attacked Rogar, forcing the prince to slay him. Either way, Blagron did not survive the encounter with The Great Beast.

Neither did Rogar, who died of his wounds after slaying the Great Beast. For his heroism, he was allowed to ascend to the ranks of The Nine Heroes, and granted a seat in Heaven as The Storm Prince, the new god of Storms and Warfare.

Rogar MacCwellen

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