Shards of Jillian

“I am the wind that carries the sweet nothings from the mouths of lovers to their mates. I am the chill in the evening, when you realize that you are far from dawn. I am the ache you feel when you long for everything you feel you deserve. Embrace me, and I will show you how to be all these things, as well.”

In the dark days, when the Seven ruled the world, there was an Sidhe princess by the name of Syriia Amyra, who was a patron of art and beauty. She was considered to be the loveliest of all the fey. So it came to pass that she was courted by suitors. One of those suitors was Verkinx Kazrael, the Lord of the Fey and God of Emotions, in disguise. He cruelly enchanted Amyra, causing her to fall desperately in love with him, and then toyed with her emotions before revealing his true form, raping her, and then leaving. Amyra’s heart was broken, but he had left behind another legacy—a child, whom was named Jillian.

The rape of Amyra became a point of contention and anger among the Sidhe, and eventually led to the split of the Sidhe into the elves, Eladrin, and Drow. Jillian herself grew up during this tumultuous time. She was loved by her mother, but also held at a distance, because she had a strangeness about her. Touched by Kazrael’s madness and holding his divine blood in her veins, she had a strange power over secrets and desires, power which only increased as she grew. She showed her mother one of the paths to divinity, helping her become one of The Nine Heroes, but she would not help Amyra fight her father. Instead, she chose to remain aloof from The March of the Nine, providing aid only in the form of cryptic riddles and prophecies.

When the Seven were defeated, Jillian went her own way. She wandered The Three Worlds, having adventures and giving strange secrets to mortals in exchange for worship. She remained aloof from most godly affairs. She created the race of gnomes from smoke and shadows, and she created the race of halflings from a curious cat who wanted to know what it was like to be human.

And then the sky turned dark, and the moon ran red with blood, and The Dark Reaper manifested in the Three Worlds at the top of the world’s tallest mountain. And he began to destroy all that stood before him. The lands of Jillian’s creations stood right in his path, so Jillian took up a weapon and went to face him. But the Dark Reaper was too powerful for her to hinder, and he tore her soul into pieces and scattered them across the world before continuing on. Some tales say the pieces numbered 13, and some say 9, but all agree that the pieces were many and scattered far and wide.

But Jillian was a goddess, and thus immortal, and so her soul did not perish. Instead, the pieces entered the blood of her descendants among the eladrin, members of bloodlines formed when she dallied with the fey and then lost interest. Every so often, perhaps once a generation, a number of eladrin children were born bearing her likeness, as well as a piece of her soul. Legend says that if all the shards are brought together and the soul shards distilled, the Goddess can be reborn.

Known shards of Jillian:

Shards of Jillian

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