The Coralton Slayers

A band of adventurers affiliated with The Draconic Brotherhood. These are the Player Characters of this campaign. They are often called “The Fiendslayers” after an incident involving an infernal attack on the city. Just as often, though, they are just called “The Slayers”.

The Current Roster

  • Bee Changeling rogue/warlock. Recently revealed to be royalty…and also revealed to be a changeling in disguise. Currently disguised as an Elf to avoid assassins.
  • Rali Chloe-AndreasHollow Tiefling (formerly half-elf) fey-pact warlock. Marked by mysterious tattoos, ensnared by an ominous destiny, and tied in to the “Shards of Jillian”. Killed by Tayce Bloodyblades in Shroudmist Grove, but raised from the dead by the mysterious artifact known as “”/wikis/Seeker/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Seeker" as a Hollow.
  • Content Not Found: Tamasin-Dolet Elf cleric of The Raven Lord. As her worldview expands due to her travels, she is also discovering the ability to see into the future.
  • Dalton KriegForged Swordmage. Once an eldarin wizard and now bound into a form of wood, stone, and steel, Dalton is slowly recovering his lost past…and gained the notice of divine agencies.
  • Zifer Cwellen Human tempest fighter. Searching for his lost mentor, Zifer has become drawn into the problems faced by those who are being hunted for no reason other than their race.
  • Fluffy – Zifer’s pet displacer beast. Rescued from a traveling show.
  • Ura Mistborn – Goliath rageblood barbarian. Once a member of a shifter pack, Ura was forced to stay behind and protect the shfiter pack from a band of trolls. Now separated from the pack, Ura seeks a new band to join while searching for the remnants of the clan. Has a strange tattoo on his back which throbs in the presence of things related to The Far Realm.
  • Katrianna Knightblood – Human druid. Adopted daughter of the night hag Granny Yega, Katrianna is searching for a way to escape her service and protect her birth family from the hag’s magic, as well as break the magical spell that turned her biological father into stone. Has a distressing habit of turning against the party.

Former Members

  • Damien Of the Skeletal Grasp – Dragonborn infernal warlock. Left the party shortly after the Shadow house adventure due to a crippling injury. In healing the injury, he has become tainted by dark power and has become a villain.
  • Tyriel – Drow swordmage. Originally from the Shadowfell, Tyriel fled from his psychotic mother, following scattered clues from his father’s journal. Died in St. Clarice protecting Dominique Leroux from Damien.
  • BriarDragonborn barbarian. His soul was blasted away from him by The doom of Abbeville, leaving him Hollow, until a new soul was united with him by The Raven Lord for a specific task, one which has now ended. His future is uncertain. Died in Shroudmist Grove during an attack by a savage elemental.
  • Content Not Found: damien-the-risen Deva Invoker. An old soul from a parallel universe, trying to prevent the disaster that claimed his world from repeating itself in this one. Currently wandering in Abbeville.
  • Kaz’Meh— Bugbear archery ranger. Pince of his kind, but escaped and joined Shroudmist Grove in defiance of his psychotic queen mother. Is currently away trying to gain the trust of a bugbear clan and keep the more radical elements from going on a spree of slaughter.


  • Bharhazd Berama
  • Lady Leanna Silverwind
  • Granny Yega
  • Errol Karolinus
  • Bodak Steelgrinder
  • Sil – changeling bard. Masqueraded as a cleric of Amyra and wife of the late Marcel DuParís. Had an affair with Audric Cwellen, which ended in Marcel’s suicide. Is stepping down as the Celebrant of the temple of Amyra, leaving the clerics there without leadership.
  • Audric Cwellen – disgraced paladin of Amyra. once a member of The White Fox Society, but his affair with Angelique was condemned by Marcel’s suicide note and he is no longer trusted. Might be a thrall of Gerard LeVaine.
  • Dev – Changeling rogue. Brother of Sil. Once a bodyguard of Marcel DuParis. Is now a member of the White Fox Society in St. Clarice.
  • Hazaan – Shadar-kai planeshifter wizard. A fairweather ally at best, but knows a great deal about portals in The Shroudmist Forest. Currently working for The Golden Army (or has been captured by it, it’s unclear which).
  • The Smiling One – Goddess of secrets and trickery. Has an interest in keeping The Shards of Jillian from reuniting. Is probably grooming Rali for something, and has shown favor to Bee.


  • Gerard LeVaine – Tiefling necromancer. Vile manipulator who has corrupted two major churches in St. Clarice and is working on the third. Has secretly transformed about a fifth of the population of St. Clarice into undead through his work as a “doctor.” Currently trying to goad the church of Cyra Morwyn in St. Clarice into declaring a crusade on the populace in order to discredit them.
  • The Lord of Dust – Mummy cleric. Former cleric of Daynal, but was corrupted by Gerard LeVaine. Now seeks to master death by turning the world Hollow. Currently in Abbeville seeking the pages of the Liber Mortis Necronomicon. Plans to turn people into undead to free them from the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Jerek Redscar – Human fighter. Minor villain. A mercenary with a mean streak. Currently in jail in St. Clarice after turning in evidence against Gaston DuChamps. Might have escaped.
  • Mai’ali Nightwound – half-elf warlock. Bound to The Queen of Air and Darkness and is seeking to reunite The Shards of Jillian. Psychotic. Has three Shards within her – her own, the Shard of Tasha Darkthorn, and The Shard of Dominique Leroux. Is crazy, and alternates between her Shard’s personalities. Is currently headed for Coralton in search of the next Shard.
  • Gaston Duchamps – Human (later tiefling) corrupt merchant. Ruled the St. Clarice Merchant’s Guild with an iron fist. Was a servant of Tiamat and made pacts with devils for power. Was beaten by the Slayers. Lost an arm. Is now en route to The Bastille, though the devils he once served may kill him first for his failures.
  • Our Lady Wynowill – Eladrin queen. Ghaele of Winter. Ruler of Minas Mesidii. Architect of an invasion of The World from The Feywild. Secretly seeks the Shards of Jillian for herself.
  • Lord Gaelin Rivendale – Eladrin sorcerer. Bralani of the Autumn Winds. General of The Wild Hunt, and current leader of The Golden Army. Was a spy in Shroudmist Grove before the Slayer’s actions forced his hand.
  • Old Leroux – Eladrin psion. Bralani of the Autumn Winds, and spy for the Golden Army. orchestrated several events in St. Clarice using The White Fox Society as dupes before being exposed. helped Mai’ali kill Tasha Darkthorn and steal her Shard of Jillian. Has retreated to his Earthmote Fortress to prepare for the coming of The Golden Army.
  • Soveliss Greensteel – Eladrin Artificer. Creator of The Golden Army and master of crafting Warforged. Is part warforged himself.
  • Sin – Changeling psion. Tricked into working for the Wild Hunt with threats to a family that is already dead. Killed changelings moving through The Faceless Underground through Shroudmist Grove. Is bitter and crazy. Currently leaving Shroudmist Grove as fast as he can manage after being spared by The Slayers.
  • High Warden Corrin Corris – Elf ranger. Former friend of Tamasin and Topaz, but came to hate them after an incident in younger days. Is currently hunting the Slayers on the order of Lady Zanna, to bring them to “justice” for the murder of Lord Porthos, a member of The Council of Vines.
  • Lady Zanna Gnarlroot – Gnome Shaman. Rival of Lady Leanna, and a collaborator with The Golden Army. She works to discredit and cast out the Slayers because they might bring the wrath of the army down on the grove, something she seeks to prevent at all costs. Murdered Lord Porthos and blamed it on the Slayers in order to whip The Wardens of The Wood into hunting the Slayers down and killing them.
  • The Queen of Air and Darkness – evil archfey seeking The Shards of Jillian in an attempt to become a goddess. Has connections to The Golden Army and Our Lady Wynowill. Once the patron of Rali, but the tiefling resisted her.

The Coralton Slayers

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