The Doom of Abbeville

“Oh, sweet saints. Have the Gods abandoned us?”—survivor, during the evacuation of Abbeville.

The Doom of Abbeville was a magical disaster in 136 ACW (1780 KR) that destroyed the town of Abbebille, which had been a major trading city. The Doom created a rift between The World and The Shadowfell that has never healed, and undead continue to haunt the ruins of the town. The survivors fled to St Clarice, causing it to grow from a small fishing village to the mighty port it is today.

Sequence of Events:

  • The Troll of the Black Hills was an unkillable beast that appeared fourteen years before Abbeville’s Doom. Hunters and adventurers tracked the monster to its lair, time and time again, and those that survived the thing’s dreadful claws swore that it had been dispatched. But no matter how many times it was dismembered, burned to ash, or dipped in acid, it always managed to appear again in a few months, to begin its rampage anew.
  • The final sighting of The Troll of the Black Hills occurred just before a horrible rotting disease swept through the city. Some said it was a judgment from the gods, to scourge away the wicked. But when those slain by the plague arose once more from their graves, then there was talk of demons, for surely the gods would not be so cruel as this. And worse, the dead still carried the plague with them, and could spread it with a simple bite.
  • Then came the final day. A darkness fell across the city, bringing with it a cold and bitter wind that chilled the very souls of the people. The sun turned dark in the sky, and this was no natural eclipse. Then came a cacophony so loud it was heard in Coral Town, colors became their opposites, and a flash of pure, unholy darkness seared eyes and burned flesh. Dark fire rained down on the city as a poisonous cloud rose into the air, taking the form of a fiery mushroom. There had been over three thousand people in Abbeville at the time. Of that, only six hundred crawled out of the wreckage.
  • The people took shelter in the temple of Amyra, which by some miracle was the only building left standing. But the ordeal was not over. Those killed in the blast of black fire rose again. A horde of zombies now walked the streets and clustered about the temple. The black fire caused a sickness in those which remained. The people began to despair. It was in this hour that Marcel and Angelique DuParis rallied the survivors, speaking of hope and escape and the love of the gods, for there was a secret path beneath the church that lead outside the walls of the cursed city. And so the Great Evacuation began. Six hundred people were moved through tunnels built to accommodate only a handful of beings at a time, and the Undead were kept at bay by the holy powers of the clerics. Once outside the city, the people rejoiced, for the sun shone brightly again.
  • The refugees came to St. Clarice, built new lives for themselves, and tried their hardest to forget the horrors they had seen. But within the survivors is a secret fear that the Doom may come again, to finish what it started. The ruins of Abbeville are cursed and shunned. No life grows there, the sky is still dark, the bitter wind still blows, and the dead still walk.

The Principal Actors Involved.

HEAR ME, SONS OF ABBEVILLE! A great and terrible darkness has fallen, and all seems lost. But I stand before you today and say that the gods have not abandoned us! It is not the end of all days! The candle of hope dims in the hearts of us all. It flickers and gutters. DO NOT LET IT BE EXTINGUISHED! Fan it into a flame that will burn away the darkness on your souls! We have come through the dark fire alive, and while there is life there is hope! Will you give up, just when the dawn breaks through the clouds? Tell me nay! TELL ME NAY!


—Marcel DuParis, to the survivors of Abbeville, and their reply.

  • Marcel and Angelique DuParis, the spiritual leaders of the city, helped coordinate the survivors and lead them from the ashes of Abbeville.
  • Donello Montaire, Sheriff of Abbeville, sought dark magics at first for immortality’s sake, then to destroy the creature his quest had inflicted on the world.
  • The Jack of Ashes was the mysterious figure who provided the ritual Donello used in his folly.

Memories of the Survivors.

“No. I won’t tell ye what I’ve seen. I can’t. Go away.” — Survivor to a curiosity seeker.

  • “Last sight I ever saw was the darkness, blooming up from the center of town. It was light and dark at the same time, and all the colors leeched away, until everything was black and white and gray. Then I saw no more. But the fire…I could feel the fire, falling all around me.”
  • “I walked into the ally to relieve myself when the flash of black fire struck. I had been talking to DuPree…he stopped talking when the darkness passed. I went to look for him, but all that was left was a shadow, burned into the wall.”
  • “We were all in the temple, crammed in like hogs, while the dead rattled the windows. I knew that this was it, that the gods had abandoned us to die, and I wasn’t the only one, because someone said so to Celebrant DuParis’ face. And then the Celebrant took to the altar, and he spoke…I will never forget the words he said then. It was if, for just a moment, the sun was back, as he spoke of hope. And I began to cry because I had lost faith for an instant. Never again.”

The Doom of Abbeville

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