The Eighth Day of Summerend

Every seven years, the Kelsenon calender used goes slightly out of sync, so an extra day is added to make up for the difference. This day is placed at the end of Late Autumn, as a day that doesn’t belong to any one month. It corresponds to the last day of the Summerend festival, which commemorates the end of the harvest festival.

According to folklore, The Grim Harvest took place during Summerend, and so it is considered an ill-omen day when horrors rise in The Three Worlds. According to the legend, the “eighth day of Summerend” is the day when The Dark Reaper was sealed within The Frozen Hell, and the world tried to forget this day ever happened. However, every seven years the world remembers the day, and this means that the world is in greater danger than normal.

Students of history have noticed that major events tend to happen around Summerend, especially close to the 8th day on Leap Years. They have also noticed that earlier world calendars, such as the ones used by Bael Turath and Arkhosia, don’t have a leap day accounted for. Whether this is because the early calenders were inaccurate or because the Grim Harvest actually changed the nature of Erithor’s year is a hotly debated topic among those who’ve studied this phenomenon.

Many cults dedicated to The Seven perform important rituals on this day, hoping the fell association will aid their works. The Dragon of Notre Dame has attacked the city on this leap day, without fail. The Blood Falls of Calyeron run especially heavily on this day.

The Eighth Day of Summerend

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