The Great Fetch Hunt

The Great Fetch Hunt is the systematic genocide of Changelings by the Eladrin nation of Avaleron. It’s known among changelings as “The Faceless Massacre”.

Changelings have always lived with a certain amount of fear and mistrust due to their shapeshifting abilities. Doppelganger scares have been a part of Eladrin folklore for millennia, and the occasional greedy or ambitious changeling has been known to kidnap or murder important targets and replace them for a time (and, depending on the changeling’s acting skills, it could be months or even years until the ruse is discovered).

Until The Hundred Years Chaos, changeling enclaves were at least tolerated. The Zargoni Conspiracy changed this. As part of their plan to conquer the empire, they convinced doppelgangers to replace key figures in the Eladrin court, infiltrating deeper into the empire until they were able to stage a coup and seize power. Then the Zargoni opened portals to the Shadowed Hell and brought The Army of Darkness to the Feywild.

After the Army was defeated, Emperor Nyroni Goldenbow decreed that all who had helped the Zargoni would suffer for destroying Avaleron. For the past few centuries, he concentrated on hunting the remnants of the army, the Zargoni, and the specific changelings who had toppled the empire. And then, ten years ago, he ran out of devils to destroy, and decreed that the race of Changelings were to be wiped out, to prevent their use in similar plots ever again.

Since that day, fetch have been hunted. Enclaves have been raided, shops and homes owned by uncovered changelings burned, and changelings have been murdered in the streets. The might of The Wild Hunt, Avaleron’s military force, has special squads of “fetch hunters” that root out changeling enclaves and wipe them out. Captured changelings are publicly branded with a Fetch Mark before their executions, to ensure their recovery if they manage to escape.

The hatred of changelings is far from universal. Many eladrin see the Great Fetch Hunt as horrifically unjust, but are afraid to speak out for fear that Avaleron’s secret police will make examples of them. Instead, they quietly help persecuted changelings escape the horrors they are subjected to. A secret organization known as The Faceless Underground helps changelings from Avaleron escape through portals from The Feywild to The World, where they can make new lives for themselves.

The Great Fetch Hunt

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