The Great Fire of Coral Town

In 150 ACW, the council of Coralton decided to host a celebration of the anniversary of Hannibal Lightfoot‘s defeat of The Dread Pirate Hellbeard and the founding of Coral Town, which also happened to fall near the 150th anniversary of The Daughters of the Dawn’s defeat of The Army of Darkness.

During this time, roving bands of adventuring companies appeared in the city claiming to be interested in the bounty on The Dragon of Minas Mesidii, which by this time had started attacking settlements in both The World and The Feywild. They used the preparations for Coral Town’s 150th anniversary celebrations as cover for various acts of sabotage and riot mongering. In response the city hired The Hexblades, an international mercenary band, to supplement their city watch.

However, it was soon revealed that The Sons of Yorick were behind the attacks, and that the Hexblades were working with them. Thirty casks of alchemist’s fire were detonated around town, causing fires which quickly spread to consume the city. They moved to strike down The Council of Nobles, but The Dragonslayers, who were in the city to claim the dragon’s bounty, were in a position to help the councilors escape to safety. The Dragonslayers then managed to destroy the leadership of the Hexblades, causing the offensive to break down.

In recognition of their heroism, the Dragonslayers were knighted and granted land. They founded the original Draconic Brotherhood lodge and, with the cooperation of the Council of Nobles, secured official backing to train and monitor adventuring parties.

The Great Fire of Coral Town

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