The Icons

Icons of The Blackfire Crusade

Most games have powerful NPCs who shape the world behind the scenes. The Blackfire Crusade brings them forward, making these powerful NPCs into icons the PCs will aid or oppose over the course of the campaign. RPGs about vampires have clans, RPGs about pagan highlanders have cults, and this campaign has icons.

The Exalt
has guided The Great Church of the Nine for two hundred years, and if she had her way she would be its steward fro two hundred more. Alas, time is catching up with her and her enemies are gathering. But she has one last act of greatness in her—a mighty crusade against the forces of darkness that have plagued the shadows for so long. When the call goes out, where will you stand? (Icon) (The Hierophant) (Heroic, LG)

The Rosicrucian
is a reformist. She has seen The Great Church waver from its mission of good works in favor of currying secular power, and has loudly called for change. She is a beacon of good and a champion for those who have no voice of their own. This has not won her Order of the Rosy Cross many friends in the halls of power, but those they have are good as gold. (Anchor) (The High Priestess) (Heroic, sometimes Ambiguous, NG)

The Neverborn Prince
despises those who created him. Made to serve, he has broken free of his masters and vowed to destroy what once he was asked to preserve. His Remade Army and his magic scythe have carved terror into the people’s hearts, but they are but means to an end — for there is a dread prophecy he seeks to unravel. The Neverborn shall never die; deathless, he shall master death. (Anchor) (Death) (Villainous, NE)

is the dark thing that haunts Notre Dame‘s nightmares, the hated immortal dracolich that appears every seven years to rain terror and death on the city. The Cult of Blackfire venerates her as a god, and though she isn’t one yet, the day may soon come when all will bow beneath her and despair. (Icon) (The Devil) (Villainous, CE)

The Cardinal
is a political animal. Influential and ambitious, he is said to have more power than the High Chancellor himself. His eyes and ears are everywhere, and everyone seems to owe him a favor or two. His eye is fixed on becoming the next Exalt, and he is known to play dirty to get what he wants. Those who help him will be well-rewarded. Those who stand in his way will be burned at the stake by The Inquisition. (Anchor) (The Emperor) (Ambiguous, LN)

The Jack of Ashes
is a tempter and corrupter, and has far more influence than an open blasphemer locked in an inescapable prison ought to. He is conniving and vain, but he seems to know the darkest secrets of The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow. Only the foolish trust him, but only complete fools disregard him completely. (Anchor) (The Hanged Man) (Villainous, sometimes Ambiguous, NE)

The White Fox
is a rabble rouser, a vigilante, or a hero, depending on who you ask. She is a champion of the downtrodden and a rebel who fights for freedom and justice. The current White Fox has cultivated some dangerous allies, and she may yet wind up burned by the fires she starts. But where ever there is tyranny, wherever an innocent suffers under the boot of an oppressor, The White Fox Society will be there to stop it. (Anchor) (The Star) (Heroic, sometimes Ambiguous CG)

The Lady of Black Tears
is a crazed psychopath consumed with an obsessive quest to locate the soul shards of the Goddess Jillian and recombine them within herself, becoming a Goddess in the process. Her mad quest is complicated by the shards she’s already collected—their voices crash around her mind and occasionally override her personality. Her madness makes her and her Dreameaters a fickle ally and an unpredictable foe. (Anchor) (The Moon) (Villainous, sometimes Ambiguous, CE)

The Shadowdancer Twins
are brazen and flamboyant thieves and spies who have made a name for themselves as the most outrageous criminals in southern Elondaron. The Dragon’s Breath steal fabulous treasures, learn dangerous secrets, and then sell what they have to the most interesting bidder. They seem genuinely unconcerned with anything more than growing their legend and staying one step ahead of the authorities. But the High Sheriff is closing in and the Lady of Black Tears desires their very souls. Can this darling duo escape?Tune in and find out! (Anchor) (The Fool) (Ambiguous, CN)

The High Sheriff
believes that the rabble must be controlled, by any means necessary. He is the highest lawful authority in Notre Dame—his grip is sure, his power absolute. Lawbreakers brought before him can expect little pity or mercy. Even the Council of Nobles fears him and his Crows…and well they should, as he is as likely to turn his iron grip on the rich as the poor if it helps him build his power. (Anchor) (Justice) (Ambiguous, sometimes Villainous LN/LE)

The Baron
is the High Sheriff’s counterpart across the bridge. He has been newly assigned to bring the region back beneath the thumb of The Queen of Calyeron, and he will see his duty done, even if he must call on The Black Glove Gentleman’s Society do do so. He sees the High Sheriff’s ruthlessness as a model to follow. (Anchor) (Justice) (Ambiguous, sometimes Villainous LE)

The Speaker in Dreams
is an enigma to most. He is the whisperer in the darkness, singing a song of unity and harmony into the dreams of Those Who Hear. Those who heed his call say they are building a better world, but there are those who speak of foul and eldritch things squirming in the night, and of the blank and brainwashed looks of those who preach the dark angel’s gospel. Is The Song of Stars a glorious anthem of unity? Or the song that will end the earth? (Icon) (The Last Judgment) (Ambiguous, sometimes Villainous NE/CE)

The Son of Yorick
is a terrorist and revolutionary. According to him and his followers, the jealous and unworthy have stolen from the great kingdom of Calyeron, and it is time they paid for their crimes—with interest. He exhorts those who would see their nation made great again to take revenge on the nations that have grown fat sipping their life’s blood. Let others call them malcontents and rabblerousers—The Sons of Yorick know the truth! (Anchor) (The Tower) (Ambiguous, N/NE)

The Comrade
is a firebrand and visionary. He travels among the oppressed masses of both cities, railing against the greed and ill-treatment of the aristocracy, the perils of the new technology and the creeping specter of replacement by The Forged. His message is simple: why does the working man’s labor only benefit the already rich? Should not a man be entitled to the fruits grown by the sweat of his brow? Beware, for The Proletariat Revolution may come sooner than you think! (Wheel of Fortune) (Ambiguous, N/NG)

The Obzedat
have a simple question to ask you: would you buy your way out of Hell? Do you desire wealth? Power? Retribution against your foes? The Pardoners of The Church of Deals can make that happen. Just sign on the doted line, and it can all be yours for just a small upfront fee…one that won’t be collected until after you are dead. (Anchor) (The Chariot) (Villainous, LE)

The Artificer
has a motto: Tomorrow’s world Today. The Artificer and his business, [[A&E Industries]], are pushing the boundaries of the practical application of magic. The inventions of The Artificer have propelled Coralton into an industrial revolution. Of course, progress has a price, and sacrifices must be made. If the wheels of industry must be greased by the sweat, tears, and even blood of the surplus population, so be it. A new tomorrow dawns! (Anchor) (The Magician) (Ambiguous, N)

The Lord Engineer
has seen the wondrous prosperity The Artificer’s creations have brought to Coralton, and covets it. He has reorganized his clan into The Grommok Cross Company in emulation of A&E, and actively competes with The Artificer to create the next great breakthrough. Of course, he isn’t above a bit of sabotage, theft, and underhanded dealings to push his own interests ahead…(Anchor) (The Magician) (Ambiguous, NE)

The Hexblade Grand Marshal
is a master of a powerful band of mercenaries who mix sinister magic with powerful martial techniques. The Hexblades are Calyeron’s elite warriors—too bad no one trusts them further than they can throw them. Of course, no one wants to cross them, either. It’s good to be feared. (Anchor) (Strength) (Ambiguous, LE)

The Warden of the Alabaster Aegis
knows that he has much work to do. In order to atone for the sins of the past, The Wardens of the Alabaster Aegis have become powerful guardians for the city of Notre Dame. Using their mastery of arcane magic, the Wardens have woven a series of wards and spells in and around Notre Dame, and their magic is what keeps the prisoners of The Bastille safely locked away from the public. All will be well as long as the Wardens can maintain their complex web of sorcery. A pity that makes them such a target… (Anchor) (The Hermit) (Heroic, NG)

The Platinum Dragon
is the world’s protector and the inspiration for holy orders of paladins and independent heroes. Although the Platinum Dragon’s physical form seals the gap that prevents The Abyss from erupting into Creation, his dreams and The Platinum Heirs he inspires still move through the world, helping those who will fight and even die for what’s right. (Icon) (The Chariot) (Heroic, LG)

The Icons

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