The Storm Prince

The Storm Prince, Rogar MacCwellen / The Beast Within, Karnak Drakeshan

God of Strength, Athletics, Storms, Heroes, Warfare, and Lycanthopes

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chatoic Evil. He was cursed by The Firstborn Daughter, and so The Storm Prince shares his soul with The Great Beast. When in his Storm Prince aspect, Rogar is a patron of strength and athleticism, striving to help the mortal races improve themselves through challenge. When his darker Beast Within aspect comes to the fore, he is a monster, a hunter of the weak who exhorts his followers to kill or be killed, and to only respect strength and power.

Domains: Storm, Strength, War, Destruction (Beast Within)

Symbol: Rogar has two recognized symbols, one for each half of his dual personality. In his guise as The Storm Prince, his symbol is of a gauntlet clutching a lightning bolt, or sometimes a sword with a lighting bolt for the blade. In his guise as The Beast Within, the most common symbol is an opened hand with razor-sharp and bloody claws. Because Rogar’s most famous weapon was the Spirit Blade, which slew the Witch Lord, most clergy in the Storm Prince’s service take up swords in his honor. But since The Beast Within is most famous for his runeblade Axe, those who follow his dark half take up that weapon instead.

Description: The Storm Prince is one of the youngest of the Nine Heroes, only joining the Pantheon after his death fighting The Great Beast in 1658 KR, less than two decades after The Hundred Years Chaos.

Rogar was a prince of The Creel an Morgan, son of a chieftain, who bore the glittering Star of the West on his brow. He grew to manhood during the Borderlands Crisis, when the Kelsenon Empire attempted to subjugate the Creel to reassert its power after a civil war had forced it to move troops back to the Heartlands. Rogar’s daring guerrilla tactics kept the Imperial armies at bay for years, until the Imperials were forced to retreat by the invasion of The Red Horde.

As the great hordes began to overrun the empire, an undead threat rose in the Black Hills. The mighty Witch Lord gained possession of the dreaded Souls Stone, which allowed him to raise infinite ranks of the dead to do battle.

This grave threat was enough to send Rogar from the Creel to Argius, the capital of Kelsenon. Instead of a barbarian leader, he was now being hailed as a mighty leader, whose forces could help turn the tide of battle. But while Rogar was in the city, the undead horde fell on it. After a two-year siege, the city fell, and the Kelenson Emprie ceased to exist. Rogar and a few other mighty leaders from other corners of the world banded together to help rescue all they could, and fled the city. These would become The West Star Companions. United under Rogar, the West Star Companions swore they would not let their world be overrun by evil.

When Argius fell, and the Kelsenon Empire shattered apart, Rogar was the one who united the frightened and leaderless forces of man. He trained them in the arts of guerrilla warfare that he had used against them in the Creel and Morgan, this time to fight against the Red Horde and the undead army of the Witch Lord. He and his ragtag forces eventually cornered the hordes and borke their power, then he and The West Star Companions stormed the Witch Lord’s citadel at Barak Tor and defeated him, removing the lynchpin of his army of undead. Rogar and his companions spent the next several decades helping the new kingdoms that had formed in the wake of the Empire’s fall rebuild themselves.

Eventually, Rogar came to the end of his life. He was a mighty hero, but old for a human, and his adventuring days had given way to wearing the mantle of ruler and negotiator. But He had one task left before him. The mighty dwarven kingdom of Keregorn had gone silent, withdrawing from the rest of the world during the chaos of the war against the Witch Lord. The dwarves begged Rogar to help them return to their homeland, and so he traveled to The World’s Edge Mountains and to the very doors of the mighty mountain kingdom. He entered the halls, and was shocked at what he found—the dwarven kingdom that had sought to seal itself away was now a slaughterhouse, overrun with demons.

Seeking the source of the infestation, Rogar found his old friend, Balgron Stonehammer, within. But his friend had changed. The mighty runeblade he carried was the key that would unlock the Savage Hell, and The Savage Beast, the most rapacious of The Seven, was free. Rogar battled his old firend, slaying him and taking the runeblade. Then he alone confronted The Savage Beast and his horde of slaughterwolves, gnolls, and other terrible monsters. The fight was epic, and it would be Rogar’s last. He slew the entire diabolic vanguard before it could be unleashed on the rest of the world, and then faced The Savage Beast in personal combat. He struck the beast a fatal blow, then fell to his own injuries. The dwarven survivors of Keregorn interred him within their halls, then left to reunite with their kin on the outside.

When Rogar died, The Nine honored his sacrifice and his courage by remaking his soul into a divine being. But there was a problem. The Firstborn Daughter had long ago decreed that any mortal who slew one of The Seven would bring her wrath down on them and their entire race. So Rogar, as his first divine act, traveled to The River of Life to plead with her to only punish him, instead of the whole of humanity. The Firstborn Daughter was at first outraged, and planned to bring doom on the mortals regardless, but then she felt for her child’s soul. She found it bound to Rogar, instead of passing on to the River. And so she relented. Humanity would be spared, but Rogar himself would forever struggle with The Great Beast within—and that eventually, The Great Beast would consume him.

Holy Orders: The Storm Wardens are Rogar’s major clergy, but most who truly wish to devote themselves to Rogar become Heroes and try to emulate the glorious exploits of their deity.

The Storm Wardens hols that Rogar’s mighty fury influences the weather itself. Slashing rain, roaring winds, punishing hail—these are the moods of the Storm Prince. People hear his laughter in thunder and fear the lightning of his fierce smile. Sailors seeking calm winds and farmers who hope for gentle rain beg Rogar to vent his fury elsewhere. They engage in contests of strength and raise toasts in his name to let him know they have neither forgotten his power nor taken his clemency for granted. The Storm Wardens follow these tenets:

  • Rogar is the blustering gale, but he is also the gentle rain. Be strong, but do not use your strength for wanton destruction.
  • Within every person there is the potential to be godlike in strength, speed, and power. Strive your entire life to perfect your physical being, and you will experience the divine, even if only for a few fleeting moments.
  • Turn from the dark impulses in the heart, the beast within that is only animal urge. There is as much divine in the spirit of man as there is beast, and only by following the will can the beast be tamed and made to serve, rather than destroy.

The Heroes of Rogar are on a journey to prove themselves worthy of the Storm Prince’s blessings. They seek to emulate his mighty deeds, that he may be constantly reminded of all that is good in mortals and not succumb to the Beast Within. The Heroes seek to live by these tenets:

  • Fight the good fight against the darkness. Protect your companions and strangers alike. Take the vanguard into danger and rearguard away from it.
  • Be strong, but do not use your strength for wanton destruction. Be brave and scorn cowardice in any form. Prove your might to win glory and renown
  • Never lose hope or faith, for every force in the world ebbs and flows. As the storm comes so does the calm.
  • Seek out creatures who bear the curse of lycanthropy, curing those who hope to end their affliction and destroying those who have succumbed to the beast within.

Those who turn their worship to The Storm Prince’s darker half, The Beast Within, hold that mortals are nothing more than animals with funny notions, and that to be true to ones self one must reject that which is false and embrace savagery, brutality, and respect only power and strength. The Savage Storm holds no pity for the weak or the useless; neither should The Savage Hands. The Savage Hand hold these tenets most dear:

  • The Beat Within is the joy of slaughter. He is the true face of the animal that is man.
  • The trappings of civilization are nothing more than a prison for the true spirit. All that is established must be destroyed.
  • The Law of the Wild is the only true law that matters. Crush the weak, bow to the strong only until you can best them, raid, kill, and conquer as you see fit.

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The Storm Prince

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