The West Star Companions

The West Star Companions were the great heroes of The Hundred Years Chaos, who rallied the demoralized forces of the Kelsenon Empire and drove the Army of Darkness from Alrahon.

The West Star Companions were:

These were the most famous members, but not the only ones to join over the years.

The West Star Companions liberated Myir from The Witch Lord, waged a guerrilla campaign against the Army of Darkness, and helped the Young Kingdoms secure their sovereignty after the fall of Argius. Their last battle was against The Great Beast, who had destroyed the kingdom of Keregorn and threatened to plunge the world into war once again.

Naros Myir liberated his city and turned it into a nation.

Telos founded The Wizard Conclave to carry on the traditions of Kelsenon Magecraft. He turned over stewardship of the Conclave after Rogar’s death and vanished into his sanctum. His final fate is unknown.

Landril Goldenbow returned to The Feywild. He still rules Minas Mesidii, though he has grown old and suffers from The Madness.

Balgron Stonehammer died in the final confrontation with The Beast Lord in 14 ACW.

Rogar MacCwellen died in the final confrontation with The Beast Lord in 14 ACW, and was chosen to ascend to Heaven as the God of Storms and Warfare.

The West Star Companions

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