The White Fox Society

“Once upon a time, there was a wide forest, where all manner of beasts lived in peace, though not always harmony. One day…” From “The Parable of The White Fox”


  • The White Fox Society is a secret society of “concerned citizens” who act as a check against government structures. The seek to oppose tyrannical individuals and power structures that encourage the privileged to exploit and debase the common worker.
  • The Society draws inspiration from an ancient parable about a fox who opposed a tyrannical army of ants who enslaved the denizens of a peaceful forest under the guise of protecting them for their own good. Most members believe the story is an allegory for some long-forgotten historical event.
  • The Society prefers to exert social and political pressures to encourage reform, but they are not above direct acts of violence or sabotage. Such means are considered last resorts, but they remain as options. And given the cell structure of the society, some leaders are more willing to break out the “last resorts” than others.
  • The Society operates in a loose cell structure, without a central hierarchy. The heads of each cell do keep in contact with each other, and members of cells can usually rely on other cells to aid and abet them if they make contact, but the society at large remains loose and there is a lot of variance in how the different cells carry out their mandate. This means the Society has to rely on special members that act as “internal affairs” to visit the different cells and make sure the Society as a whole is acting in the best interests of the people, not just the members.
  • Some White Foxes get the impression that there is an even more secret group within and between the cells that has its own agenda, but so far no evidence of this has been uncovered.


“My Gods. Do you know what you’ve done!? You’ve ruined me!”
“Your refusal to relinquish your ill-gotten power was what ruined you, sir. I merely opened the closet you hid your skeletons in.”
Conversation between Councilman Lorenzo De’Beauchamps and “a concerned citizen”

  • The White fox Society is nominally a force for good, and thus acts as great patrons for the party.
  • However, the society is also a great hotbed for intrigue and espionage-related adventures, since it isn’t strictly legal and could be interpreted as a terrorist organization without too much effort. It also provides me with many layers for the party to peel back and explore.


“Our eyes are everywhere, milady. The people you are harming are the people you depend on. We clean your privies, cook your meals, manage your servants, drive you carriages, and guard you while you sleep. Do not mess with us.” The White Fox of Notre Dame to Lady Yvette Le’Claire

  • The White Fox Society likes to support ventures that offer the greatest good for the greatest number of people. In St. Clarice, for instance, the greatest supporter of the White Fox Society is the Lyceum of Amyra, the Goddess of Love.
  • The White Fox Society of St. Clarice also supports the formation of the Dockworkers Union, and members of the society are outspoken on their support of the Dockworker’s efforts to gain equal footing with the more oppressive Merchant’s Guild.
  • However, neither the law nor the criminals appreciate the White Fox efforts. The Town Guard sees the White Fox as rabble-rousing threats to the public order, and the halfling smuggling ring sees the society as competition and a direct threat to their bottom line, so both work against the society from different angles.

The White Fox Society

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