The Zargoni Conspiracy

A cabal of Eladrin wizards. During the events that lead to The Hundred Years Chaos the conspiracy worked to weaken the empire of Avaleron. They treated with devils from The Shadowed Hell, unaware that they were being used as pawns by Lucius Vecna. The Zargoni orchestrated a civil war in Avaleron by replacing key members of The Court of Stars with Changelings, secretly using these resources and the distraction of the unrest to create a series of magical anchor points that, when completed, opened a massive rift to The Shadowed Hell and allowed the invasion of legions of devils. The devils easily conquered the fractured kingdom over the course of several decades.

The devils placed the Zargoni in charge of ruling the remains of Avaleron, but they were shown, in no uncertain terms, who was really in charge of things, as Morcar Zargoni, the mastermind behind the whole plot, was executed shortly after the devil legions captured Minas Elendrii, right alongside Emperor Nyroni Goldenbow.

As the devils worked on opening portals to The World, another cabal of wizards rose up to destroy the anchor points of the rift. This cabal was lead by Emperor Nyroni Goldenbow, who had mysteriously survived his own beheading. These wizards destroyed the portal and deposed the Zargoni, forcing them to flee and crippling The Army of Darkness. This cabal freed Minas Elendrii and declared that the nation of Avaleron had been reborn.

Over the course of the next century, the members of the Zargoni conspiracy were hunted down and executed, along with the devil generals of the Army of Darkness. once the Zargoni were no longer a threat, Avaleron began to rebuild itself.

The Zargoni Conspiracy

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