Have you seen the signs?

The Blackfire Crusade

Great Mother, whose light is the guide to my soul…I am troubled.

The year is 199 ACW

It is a time of great change in the Free Lands of Elondaron. An industrial revolution is sweeping the land. Airships and lightning rails have transformed travel forever, while factories belch smoke and ash into the sky. A race of magimechanical men has appeared, marching in armies, working in factories, and taking on jobs that were once the province of mere mortals—though not without resentment.

But for all the progress, old wounds fester and a darkness is growing.

Those who covert my sister’s power gather around her like vultures. Not a one of them would do her exalted position justice, I am sure of it.

The Exalt of the Great Church of the Nine has served her country for over two hundred years. But her mind has begun to fray. The Madness, that ancient elvish curse, has started to wear at her. A great council has been convened to deal with the delicate situation.

The Exalt fears that the Great Church will soon pass into hands of those who would undo her greatest triumphs. To cement her legacy, she has decided the time has come to declare a great crusade against Notre Dame’s most persistent foe — the great dragon Blackfire.

Can’t they see the shadows gathered around us? The Day of Darkness draws near. Our ancient enemies stir. And the dragon is coming once again

For nearly fifty years, the dragon Blackfire has ravaged the city of Notre Dame. Every seven years on the ill-omened festival of Summerend, the dragon rises from The Gash and lays waste to the area. This foe of light and life is implacable, but it is not the only threat to face the city.

The necromancers are more active than I have ever seen them. We uncover new cells almost weekly now. Can they not see that now is not the time for this?

For in the depths of the Gash lies The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow, a dread college of necromancy. The necromancers of Mournhollow follow the will of The Dark Reaper, who hates all life. They seek his resurrection, and have now discovered the tools that will allow them to do just that—the Dark Reaper’s heart, Scythe, and the book that holds the formula for rebuilding his body. They don’t have all the pieces in their grasp just yet, but time is growing thin.

Worse than necromancers wait in the shadows! What of those strange cults Cardianl Silverwind spoke of, growing like a canker across Calyeron?

And worse lurks. A strange cult worshiping fell entities from beyond the stars is growing in power. Lead by the prophet Nyarael, this sinister group has grown like a fungus in the cracks of society, drawing in the lost, the outcast, and the mad. They sing insidious prayers to abominations, and work cracks into the fabric of reality to allow the monsters from The Far Realm free reign in the Three Worlds. Their danger is subtle, cloaked in mysticism and a shallow veneer of fellowship and unity. Those Who Hear speak of a [[Grand Conjunction that nears.

The threats we know of are bad enough! Who knows what else lurks, waiting for the Great Church to show weakness before it strikes?

The Queen Of Air And Darkness has not yet abandoned her quest to unite the Shards of Jillian and become a god. Her pawn is moving into place, and only a few shards remain. The power of the Nightwound grows, and, left unchecked, might cause untold harm—a threat even to the gods themselves.

Oh, Mother…I am so frightened of the burdens I bear, and of the future that is to come. Please, send me some hope that I may cling to, some sign that all is not yet lost…

Turbulent times call for heroes. A motley band of adventurers, draw together by the Blackfire Crusdade, have risen to the challenge. Their actions will change the course of history — for better or ill. You are one of these adventurers. For reasons of your own, you have chosen to heed the Great Church’s call to arms. You have the destiny of the world in your hands.

When the call goes out, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, where will you stand?

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