The Rise of The Fallen

The Ghost Tower Part 4: Treasure Huntin'
Tricks, Traps, Treasure
Events, Early Autumn 12, 199 ACW
  • The party took a Long Rest up on the 6th floor.
  • Several of the party had strange dreams. Kincaide had a good night’s sleep for once. Ezekial had dreams of a distant song. Zar dreamt of a dragon claw with a strange tattoo, beckoning her. Talon got a message from Bahamut about a fellow paladin who had to be put to rest, somewhere down on the lower levels. Dante dreamed of home, but woke to find one of the Nothics just staring at him creepily.
  • As the party prepared to face the Ghost of the archmage, Ezekiel wandered off to mess with the giant door and the three flaming skulls. He tried to intimidate them into opening the door, but was ignored. So he struck one, and the skulls began roasting him with fire. Sibyl managed to distract them long enough for Ezekiel to get clear, then investigated the doorway. She found it was a fake, but discovered a secret door on the wall nearby. Ezekiel returned and speculated that the password might be the name of a devil of some sort. Sibyl took a different tack, racking her brains for the hidden names of Vecna. She got it right…eventually.
  • Now armed with the password, she needed to figure out how the door itself actually opened. She discovered that there were three plates that spun on the circular false door. She called in those with knowledge of Arcana to figure out what the symbols on the plate ment. Some trial and error later, and the party opened the door to an impressive treasure vault.
The Ghost Tower Part 3: The Fallen Angel Nyarael
Portals and angels and nothics, oh my!
Events, Early Autumn 11, 199 ACW
  • Down in the portal chamber, the party squared off against Nyarael, the corrupted angel, who seemed to be attempting to alter the gate through some sort of mystic song. Guarding him were four knights who did not seem to be themselves. Ezekial attempted to charge the angel, only to be stopped cold by the knights.
  • The fight began in earnest. Nyarael attempted to keep the party at bay, unleashing its Crown of Eyes on them to confuse and sow discord, tossing those who got to close, and otherwise mostly ignoring the party. The party, in turn, dealt with the knights, though they took pains to knock them out instead of kill them.
  • Zar used a scroll to disrupt the portal itself, causing Nyarael to fly into a rage. It unleashed a powerful psychic scream. Sibyl rushed it, using a thunderwave to knock it into the space where the portal was slowly reforming. With a blaze of eldritch light, the portal returned — and sucked the corrupted angel through, shredding it and sending it gods knew where. all that was left of it was a mask. Ezekial snatched the mask up, while Sibyl began hauling the unconscious knights out of the chamber as things began to shake and the tower shifted planes.
  • The party found themselves stranded on The Shadowfell, looking out over dark mountains.
  • Kincaide discovered a heavy vault door with mystical writing on it guarded by three flaming skulls. After deciding the room was a trap, he rejoined the others.
  • Ezekial went further down the stairs and discovered a band of Nothics (aberrations who had once been wizards, now warped by foul magic) guarding the passage. Sibyl, following along, started negotiating with the nothics. The two of them figured out that the Nothics had once been wizards of the tower, and claimed to have been betrayed by the ghost of the archmage. With the rest of the party gathering, she managed to trade for the nothics’ rings, which would allow them to bypass the wall of force separating the lower levels from the upper.
  • The Nothics would not let Arthyen the mage pass down — they apparently sensed his ties to the archmage ghost that had betrayed them.
  • Kincaide looked into the room containing the portal machinery. It was damaged, with a cracked crystal throwing sparks of magical energy everywhere. It wasn’t something he felt comfortable messing with just then.
  • The party proceeded down to the third floor. Having a map given to them by Arthyen, they decided to explore the arcane library first. They discovered that the ceiling was unstable. Ezekial managed to prop up a portion of the ceiling while he explored. Zar also explored the library, and found a very interesting manual depicting the construction of the arcane machinery at the heart of the tower. Unfortunately, the ceiling collapsed on her, pinning her until Sibyl could get to her and lift the rubble off with the magic armor’s strength boost.
  • The party decided to retreat and rest for a while.
The Ghost Tower Part 2: Gibbering Swarm
Bags of flesh and hit points
Events, Early Autumn 11, 199 ACW
  • Dante Goldenbone, while waiting to meet a contact in Fark’s Road, met a fellow seeking to join with the Blackfire Crusade. The man, a pirate from the Shattered Sea named Ezekial, got to chatting with Dante. The pair left the tavern (The Gobblin’ Cock), and discovered a massed crowd around a dead body near the steps of The Church of Deals. Dante determined that it was his contact—and that he had been murdered by The Godslayer scythe. A couple of thugs in armor began asking around for Dante, and the pair confronted them. The battle was short—the thugs were merely suits of armor powered by magic and controlled remotely, but one of them got away. Dante and Ezekial left Fark’s Road to meet up with the rest of the group.
  • The party scaled the wall of the Ghost Tower, with the help of magical potions and magical rope. Kincaide took a moment to spy on the middle section of the tower through a window slit, hoping to get a look at the Arcane Machinery. Instead, he saw a band of Nothics, aberrant creatures twisted by dark magics. They wore tattered wizard robes.
  • Looking into the floor near the top, the characters spied Nyarael singing some sort of strange ritual song at a glowing sphere of planar energy. Sibyl tossed in a smokestick in the hopes of distracting the corrupted angel from it’s task, while Kinciade used his familiar to spy out the top of the tower. He saw the rooftop covered in gibbering mouthers, summoned by Nyarael to slow down any who would come after it.
  • The party stormed the rooftop and attacked the mouthers, attempting to draw them away from the stairwell. When the mouthers were defeated, the characters began to scout the second floor. First, Ariana went down, but she was spotted and charmed by Nyarael. Dante cleaned the charm from her, and Sibyl warded herself with a protective spell. She went down to confront Nyarael, but it dispelled the magic and chided her. It attempted to charm her as well, but her will was too strong. The rest of the party filed down into the portal chamber, and that’s where we left off.
The Ghost Tower Part 1: Bad Moon Rising
Don't go out tonight, it's bound to take your life
Events, Early Autumn 8-11, 199 ACW
  • The Party continued to gather information. The Ghost Tower event was happening soon, so it was the most focused on.
  • Kincaide tried to get in touch with the Shaqdowdancer Twins, bu they were laying low after their last raid, so he couldn’t get in touch with them to tell them about his problems with The Lady of Black Tears.
  • Ariana found a fellow Warden, Arthyen Deveril, who was a fountain of information about The Ghost Tower of Old Notre Dame. His ancestors had built the place.
  • He explained that The Ghost Tower was once part of a network of anchors that helped stabilize a massive portal, the portal that allowed The Army of Darkness access to the Middle World. It had been damaged after an attack by The Daughters of The Dawn, and was now drifting between dimensions. It only appeared in the Middle World at times when the barriers between the world and The Shadowfell were thin, under conditions matching the night it had vanished. He was confident he could repair the machinery, making it stable and possibly using it as a planar-traveling vehicle—but he would need to get at the machinery, and no one had ever made it past the 3rd floor because of a magical barrier. He had maps of the lower floors from previous adventurers who had explored the tower, but no one really knew what the upper levels were like.
  • Rali The Seeker appeared again to the party, and gave them a grave warning about The Song of Stars—apparently the creature they venerated, The Speaker in Dreams, was, in fact, a primordial monster from the dawn of the universe that sought to destroy all of creation. She suspected the cultists were attempting to summon Nyarael, a corrupted angel, on the night of the full moon in order to create a planar rift of some sort.
  • The party prepared for trouble. They decided to buy potions of climbing in order to travel to the top of the tower and travel downward. They also decided to take Arthyen with them in order to benefit from his expertise.
  • The party arrived on the scene to find the Song of Stars already deep within a meditative chant. Rosicrucians stood nearby, waiting to deal with any threats that might appear with the Ghost Tower. No amount of speech seemed to get the attention of any of the cultists.
  • The Ghost Tower appeared, and, in a flash of planar energy, so did Nyrarael! Its presence send the cult into screaming, gibbering madness—and some of the party members as well. It flew off towards the top of the tower, while a whole pack of Shadow Demons flowed from the lower levels. The party fought several of the Shadow Demons. Sibyl went to snap The Rosicrucian’s followers out of their madness, allowing them to take on the rest of the pack. Then the party drank their potions and began to climb the Ghost Tower of Old Notre Dame.
Downtime: The Gathering of Plots And Clues
Events, Early Autumn 6-8, 199 ACW
  • The Party rested from their previous adventures, and gathered new plots and clues. They received treasure from previous contracts, as well.
  • Deacon Cavaille, a bureaucrat, has been tapped to “lead” the day-to-day affairs of The Blackfire Crusade while The Exalt has withdrawn to study how best to destroy the Necronomicon.
  • Talon received clues as to the fate of the blade of St. Tremayne, as well as some lore on a band of Dragonborn Paladins that might have been his forerunners.
  • Dante Goldenbone, a traveler from beyond, joins the Blackfire Crusade to prevent the tragedies that happened to his world from reoccurring.
  • The Rosicrucian asks for help dealing with The Song of Stars, as they are performing a public ritual that could easily get out of hand near The Ghost Tower of Old Notre Dame.
  • Hazaan the necromancer told the party about his time at The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow, and outlined several threats: The cult of Blackfire, The Mournhollow necromancers, and The Neverborn Prince. He also knows of a “shadow network” that keeps all the necromancers informed of each other’s movements. He also knows some passwords for getting into Mournhollow, as well as certain important locations where Mournhollow (which is actually on the Shadowfell) can be accessed.
The Call to Crusade: The Lady of Black Tears
Which witch was witch?
Events, Early Autumn 6, 199 ACW
  • Ariana Goldenbow and Zar, looking for intel on The Lady of Black Tears, wind up
The Call To Crusade: The Dark Depths
Bait and switch.
Events, Early Autumn 6, 199 ACW

Calmyr managed to convince the High Sheriff to release Hazaan, changing the focus of the PCs from rescue to escort. The PCs discovered that the other “necromancer” was actually a worshiper of the Speaker in Dreams. They chose to take the prisoners through the sewers to avoid an ambush by the Sons of Yorick, They managed to avoid one ambush, but wandered into a different one, set up by Montaire’s allies. They defeated the monsters, though Montaire nearly escaped. Montaire was tackled by Sybil, but he had one last trick to play—he revealed a terrible secret about the Exalt to the paladin.

After the execution, Sybil went to check out the rumor about The Exalt given to her by Montaire. She discovered the Bones of St. Tremayne had some sort of sigils carved into them—and was confronted by The Exalt, who confirmed the rumor: she was, in fact, a Baelnorn, a form of lich.

Meanwhile, Kincaide and Talon followed up some other leads. They were pointed in the direction of the Cock and Balls tavern, and discovered The Lady herself laying in wait. The Lady put a charm on Kincaide, Talon grabbed him and tried to make a run for it, and then the room filled up with smoke!


The Call to Crusade: Fancy Feast
Hobbing with the Nobs
Events, Early Autumn 5, 199 ACW
  • The Party accepted the Warden’s invitation to the Capet Ball, and had a time mingling with the nobles, making alliances and learning interesting facts. Kincaide managed to keep the Warden and his entourage occupied (earning a reward from the Dragon’s Breath), and made contact with Sylvester Grenouille, a noble with a chip on his shoulder that might act as an ally. They also met Mai’ali, making her aware of them, and got an invitation from the High Sheriff to help guard the prisoners as they headed to their execution.
The Call to Crusade: Army of Darkness
Klaatu barada nikto
Events, Early Autumn 4, 199 ACW
  • The Crusaders explore the Ash Chapel after defeating the Lord of Dust.
  • They encounter a pack of shadows attempting to protect the grounds. They dispatch the shadows with ease.
  • Reaching the second floor, the Crusaders encounter a trio of magical sigils traced on the wooden floor. Sibyl climbs up the central skylight to avoid them, then triggers them by throwing holy water onto the sigils. They burst, creating magical effects (a whispering void of darkness, an area of sluggishness, and a brief indoor sleet storm, respectively).
  • The Crusaders explore the church. Talon finds a chest filled with copper coins, collected as donations. Kincaide discovers a trove of potions, ungents, and herbalism supplies. Sibyl discovers a desk with correspondence between the Lord of Dust and other necromancers in the area, including Koschei and The Jack of Ashes. She also dicovers plans to do something to one of the dragon shelters, as well as translations of a ritual meant to bring about a Doom similar to what happened in Abbeville sixty-three years ago. She also finds The Necronomicon, a powerful and evil work that burned her with cold black fire.
  • After securing the book and the letters, the crusaders heard a moaning from below, and found a large band of zombies were funneling into the chapel, driven by one of the drow wights that had escaped earlier. The party funneled the zombies up the stiars, where they could be killed one at a time. The wight created a cloud of darkness and sniped at the party, but wasn’t able to seriously inconvenience them and fled again after Sibyl shot a divinely-guided arrow at it in its cloud of darkness.
  • With the dead defeated, the crusaders returned to the Holy Seat to inform the Exalt of all that had happened. The Exalt took the book to be hidden in the vaults beneath the cathedral, then congratulated the Crusaders on a job well done. The party went to take a long rest.
The Call to Crusade: The Lord of Dust
Unfriendly folk
Events, Early Autumn 4, 199 ACW

The Crusaders do some legwork, gathering potions and calling in favors to prepare to take on the Lord of Dust. Heading into the Dragon’s Wake. They meet an unfriendly reception, as peasants who feel they have been left to rot by the city authorities and who want to protect the only healer who ever bothered to


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