The Rise of The Fallen

The Ghost Tower Part 3: The Fallen Angel Nyarael

Portals and angels and nothics, oh my!

Events, Early Autumn 11, 199 ACW
  • Down in the portal chamber, the party squared off against Nyarael, the corrupted angel, who seemed to be attempting to alter the gate through some sort of mystic song. Guarding him were four knights who did not seem to be themselves. Ezekial attempted to charge the angel, only to be stopped cold by the knights.
  • The fight began in earnest. Nyarael attempted to keep the party at bay, unleashing its Crown of Eyes on them to confuse and sow discord, tossing those who got to close, and otherwise mostly ignoring the party. The party, in turn, dealt with the knights, though they took pains to knock them out instead of kill them.
  • Zar used a scroll to disrupt the portal itself, causing Nyarael to fly into a rage. It unleashed a powerful psychic scream. Sibyl rushed it, using a thunderwave to knock it into the space where the portal was slowly reforming. With a blaze of eldritch light, the portal returned — and sucked the corrupted angel through, shredding it and sending it gods knew where. all that was left of it was a mask. Ezekial snatched the mask up, while Sibyl began hauling the unconscious knights out of the chamber as things began to shake and the tower shifted planes.
  • The party found themselves stranded on The Shadowfell, looking out over dark mountains.
  • Kincaide discovered a heavy vault door with mystical writing on it guarded by three flaming skulls. After deciding the room was a trap, he rejoined the others.
  • Ezekial went further down the stairs and discovered a band of Nothics (aberrations who had once been wizards, now warped by foul magic) guarding the passage. Sibyl, following along, started negotiating with the nothics. The two of them figured out that the Nothics had once been wizards of the tower, and claimed to have been betrayed by the ghost of the archmage. With the rest of the party gathering, she managed to trade for the nothics’ rings, which would allow them to bypass the wall of force separating the lower levels from the upper.
  • The Nothics would not let Arthyen the mage pass down — they apparently sensed his ties to the archmage ghost that had betrayed them.
  • Kincaide looked into the room containing the portal machinery. It was damaged, with a cracked crystal throwing sparks of magical energy everywhere. It wasn’t something he felt comfortable messing with just then.
  • The party proceeded down to the third floor. Having a map given to them by Arthyen, they decided to explore the arcane library first. They discovered that the ceiling was unstable. Ezekial managed to prop up a portion of the ceiling while he explored. Zar also explored the library, and found a very interesting manual depicting the construction of the arcane machinery at the heart of the tower. Unfortunately, the ceiling collapsed on her, pinning her until Sibyl could get to her and lift the rubble off with the magic armor’s strength boost.
  • The party decided to retreat and rest for a while.



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