The Rise of The Fallen

The Ghost Tower Part 4: Treasure Huntin'

Tricks, Traps, Treasure

Events, Early Autumn 12, 199 ACW
  • The party took a Long Rest up on the 6th floor.
  • Several of the party had strange dreams. Kincaide had a good night’s sleep for once. Ezekial had dreams of a distant song. Zar dreamt of a dragon claw with a strange tattoo, beckoning her. Talon got a message from Bahamut about a fellow paladin who had to be put to rest, somewhere down on the lower levels. Dante dreamed of home, but woke to find one of the Nothics just staring at him creepily.
  • As the party prepared to face the Ghost of the archmage, Ezekiel wandered off to mess with the giant door and the three flaming skulls. He tried to intimidate them into opening the door, but was ignored. So he struck one, and the skulls began roasting him with fire. Sibyl managed to distract them long enough for Ezekiel to get clear, then investigated the doorway. She found it was a fake, but discovered a secret door on the wall nearby. Ezekiel returned and speculated that the password might be the name of a devil of some sort. Sibyl took a different tack, racking her brains for the hidden names of Vecna. She got it right…eventually.
  • Now armed with the password, she needed to figure out how the door itself actually opened. She discovered that there were three plates that spun on the circular false door. She called in those with knowledge of Arcana to figure out what the symbols on the plate ment. Some trial and error later, and the party opened the door to an impressive treasure vault.



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