The anti-prejudice, wizard that is racist against Eladrin.



Step 1: Key Elements

1) Xat is a changeling which makes him very untrusting and narrow minded about other races because,

2) he came from the capitol city of Avaleron, Minas Elenrii. This is a very dangerous place for changelings, which has caused Xat to hate persecution of any kind though he is still a little bit racist. Xat’s older brother, Lim, formed an underground movement that consists of over two dozen changelings. (see people known/secrets)

3) Because of the nature of the city he grew up in, magic was everywhere. Having acquired a spell compendium one day, Xat took as a quick study to self taught magic, giving his spells a personal twist. Over many years Xat found the study of magic quite intriguing and looked for more books, but found that it was just knowledge that he enjoyed. With knowledge came the power for him to deceive his enemies making his world just a little bit safer.

4) Not everything was safe though as the enclave of changelings was one day found and attacked by the Eladrin police force, imprisoning, branding, and executing many changelings. Very few escaped with their safety and body intact.

5) Ever since that day, (3 years from current year) when his brother was killed, Xat desired to continue on his brothers dream and create a safe haven for all changelings to come to. After wandering the Feywild for 1½ years Xat decided to move to the world, where it is safer, to make money, to buy land, to fulfill his brothers dream.

6) While Xat may act cold Bee’s compassion has rubbed off on him. He may say things like “Just kill ‘em then.” but, will never actually be that cruel.

Step 2: Goals

1) I would like to accomplish the goal of creating a changeling haven somehow. Whether its just creating a district in a town where changelings aren’t bothered or if its actually creating a self sustaining village somewhere. (I prefer the second but don’t see it as likely as the first)

2) It would be fun to discover that his brother wasn‘t actually killed (see secrets) and finding him. (I can’t think of a good one right now so this is what I’m putting but will probably change)

3) Xat feels a kinship to any other changeling he meets, for where he grew up they needed each other and they were family. He is racist but hates persecution at the same time. I hope one day he can see through all that and judge people for who they are not what they are, though he tries to do that now but his vision can be hazy. (This is more a character development goal, it also helps define the character a little more. Also so that when I do start heading towards the “don’t persecute” angle you don’t think it out of character.)

Step 3: Secrets

1) Xat is a changeling, which is a truth he doesn’t share to anyone. This is his most important secret because he thinks if anyone finds out him and Bee will be “burned at the stake” like so many others have. Because of this and his activity in keeping other changelings safe he is a wanted criminal by the Eladrin, for his crimes against elves. (what ever that’s supposed to mean.)

2) Lim, Xat’s brother, is actually alive. At the last moment before the Eladrin police force barged in someone took his face and forced him out to safety. That was 3 years ago. Now Lim still runs an underground movement meant to rescue imprisoned/marked changelings, remove their magical scars and smuggle them into the world for safety. (Like an underground railroad sort of dealy)

Step 4: People I know

1) Lim is Xat’s older brother by 3 years, he is 26 as of current campaign year. Both of their parents were changelings who lived as Eladrin in the capitol city. They were both well liked and helpful in their community. Many people liked them until one day they were caught in a changeling hunt. Everyone’s tunes changed the moment they found out they were changelings, and they were executed 9 years ago. Their parents sacrificed themselves to save Lim and Xat. Since that day Lim has taken care of Xat. It didn’t take Lim long to create the underground safety for the other changelings. While Xat thinks Lim is dead he still tries to uphold his brothers ideals of a world where people can be safe being what they are, so he seeks to create a safe haven for changelings.

Lim has strong connections in the underground that even Xat doesn’t know about. If Xat discovers Lim is alive he can assist him with the safe transit of changelings, knowledge, and other random assortments of other things. While Lim has deep connections he can’t always pull through. (he may be a white fox member as a recent development)

2) Bee was rescued be Xat and Lim 8 years ago. When Bee and her mother came to Minas Elenrii she was only 10. They weren’t aware of the level of persecution and were quickly caught walking the streets. Xat and Lim attempted a rescue from the police force but Bee’s mother got shot during the process. Since that day she was adopted into the family of changelings. Because of the nature of her rescue she clung to Xat and became very close. Over the 5 years they got to know each other living in the enclave Bee didn’t want to hold back Xat so she became strong for him. They came to the world together, her wanting to help Xat complete his goal. Since she grew up Xat and her have gotten even closer, and fell in love.

She helps Xat earn the money he wants to collect to create his safe haven and is also a partner in crime. They are almost always together, so he is never alone.


Xat has three very vivid memories

1) I remember the day when my parents were slaughtered. It seemed like any other evening. We all sat down for dinner after preparing knowing father would be home any moment. This night though he seemed troubled when he entered the house. He only yelled two words to my mother “They know.”. At that point I didn’t quite understand what that meant but I quickly learned. My mother huddled Lim and I into a small crawl space a moved the table in front of it. She said to both of us “Stay hidden and stay quite. We love you very much.”. Within moments of that we heard a roaring crowd from outside. There was a loud crash on the front door. I heard my father try to speak, followed by what I now know to be the sound of a sword passing through flesh, followed by my mother screaming. The leader of the attack than made some rude mention about their birth appearance and left them just lying there.

2) That fateful tragic day when I met Bee. Lim and I had just went down to the market to “acquire” some food for us and some of the others in the enclave. We were shocked to see this woman and her daughter come into the market with gray skin, white hair, and featureless faces. People were already shouting for the gaurds before we could tell them to disguise themselves. The guards were storming down to the market and we ran out to help them get away. The moment they saw us “resisting arrest” they let fly a few bolts. Unfortunately they mother was hit in the throat by one as the little girl screamed out to her. All we could do was grab the girl and run at that point.

3) It was sunset, and everyone was coming back to the hideout. By this point our little group of misfits wasn’t so little anymore, there were at least two dozen or more changelings. We had no clue that there were so many of us in the city, and these were only the ones that we knew of and didn’t have any homes. Everyone was enjoying the meals they had acquired during their day, and was sharing them. My brother and I were in the corner enjoying our dinner when an ominous breeze of leaves blew through the hideout. We both knew any moment now the Eladrin militia would be teleporting in, but before we could warn everyone it was to late. Within seconds they were poring in and with swift strokes of their blades they were cutting us down. Than the head of the guard teleported in. My brother shoved me to the side and told me to get out of here. I grabbed Bee and pulled her towards the exit as many others of us scrambled for exits. I turned around just in time to witness my brother pulling his sword, and going toe to toe with the guard master. That was the last moment I ever saw him.


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