An Earthmote is an island that floats entirely in the sky in defiance of gravity. They are created when great elemental magic shakes the land. Earthmotes are common in Arkanul and in The Gash, though for different reasons.

During the war between Arkhosia and Bael Turath, many mighty magics were unleashed. An army of Tieflings attempted to travel through the badlands of Arkanul to launch a surprise attack, but mighty dragon wizards caught wind of the plot and moved to stop them. They enacted a mighty ritual, opening a rent between the worlds and unleashing the raw fury of The Howling Storm on the land. The attack destroyed the tiefling army, but also destroyed the dragons and irreparably damaged The Veil. Clans of Genasi and Goliaths were deposited in The World, and the survivors of the tiefling attack force (along with their orcish slaves) banded together with these expatriates for survival.

During The Grim Harvest, when The Dark Reaper was facing certain defeat, he used his scythe to tear out his heart, and then tossed his heart in one direction and his scythe in another, so that some part of him would remain in the world (and could potentially be used to bring him back). Godslayer, the great scythe of the reaper, tore a great gash in the land as it flew. The Gash is the remains of that ancient destructive magic. Bits of earth still hang in the sky, monuments to the god’s power.

Earthmotes form entirely separate ecologies from the surrounding lands, thanks to the eternal water they bring from planar portals and elemental fissures. They can be fertile, and have waterfalls that float off into space, or can simply be bare rock. Earthmotes can be moved with powerful magic, nudged into positions to serve those who would enjoy the prestige of their own floating chunk of gravity-defying real estate.

Cloud Castle is an earthmote shrouded in mist that once served as a mobile fortress for The Golden Army, until the citadel’s destruction during The Faerie War. The earthmote and the ruins of the still float where the battle stopped it, several miles out at sea off the coast of Verincourt in Coralton.

Montaire Bridge, spanning The Gash between Calyeron and Coralton, has thirteen earthmotes strategically placed along its length to bear the load of the bridge. A pair of statues, one on either end of the bridge, are used as pedestals for some impressive statues, bringing the total number of earthmotes used to 15.

The Bastille, a mighty prison, sits on an earthmote sitting just off of Faucher Cascade in Notre Dame. The prison holds a dozen dangerous convicts that can’t be killed by conventional means and need to be locked away, as well as a number of political prisoners too connected to kill without repercussions.


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