The Liber Mortis Necronomicon, also known as The Book of Shadows and Darkness, is an infamous artifact that has been indirectly responsible for many of the worst atrocities committed in The Three Worlds

When The Raven Lord was still mortal, he was an ambitious and amoral wizard who sought the secrets of immortality, a practice forbidden by The Keeper, then the god of the dead. He recorded his life’s work in this ritual book, encoded with a complicated cipher that only the truly brilliant could grasp. Within the book are rituals involving all sorts of foul experiments, including the very first litchdom rite.

After his ascension, he continued to record his insights in the book, imbuing it with divine power. This culminated in the ritual he used to create The Dark Reaper, an Exarch of terrible power, in his bid to control the world. When he realized the magnitude of his folly in creating the Reaper, though, he forswore his wicked past, and tore the book asunder, scattering the pages across the Three Worlds.

But the pages, imbued with divine power, lingered on. Ambitious necromancers, eager to use the secrets held in the book to attain divinity the same way The Raven Lord had, scoured the three worlds, warring over the scraps of parchment. Several transcriptions were done of certain pages, those these incomplete rituals suffered from translation errors that made the rituals they contained dangerous to perform. Several copies of the work, each claiming to be the original, surfaced over the centuries, but these all proved to have only a few genuine pages.

The largest complete copy was assembled by Thool Al’hoon, a mindflayer lich who oversaw the construction of The Halls of Nightmare. When The Brazen Cabal slew him, this copy passed beyond all knowledge. Another copy forms the basis of the curriculum at The Bleak Academy of Mournhollow. This copy has undergone revision from generations of students, so the rituals contained within are much less dangerous.

It is said that The Doom that destroyed Abbeville was caused by someone attempting to use a faulty copy of The Necronomicon, but this remains conjecture.


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