New Baradan

Occupied Calyeron/New Baradan

Commander Vaughn Racan was wounded three times in the service of the Lion of Heaven during the conquest of New Baradan. He lost two fingers during the siege of Lyir, bringing the city under the glory of our cause. He lost half an ear storming the Caer Calrann Wall, an assault which broke the resistance and allowed our troops free passage into the rest of New Baradan. But perhaps his greatest victory was against the cursed bandit Dreok, who harried his lines even as it was clear the Baradani had won the day. For months the vicious brigand attacked his lines, until Racan was able to track the dog down. By Terak’s grace, Racan confronted Dreok, and met him in personal combat. Racan slashed open the bandit’s throat with his axe, and the bandit quickly lost his taste for the battle. He made a cowardly feint that took Recan’s right eye and fled the battlefield, but though he lived, he shall forever be known as Dreok Cutthroat, and his shame has kept him hidden like the dog he is.
  • Description: This patch of Elondaron has changed hands quite often since The Elondaron Campaigns. Originally part of Ondaron, this patch of territory has been split, squashed, and fought over a number of times, both because of its strategic importance and because it contains quite a number of useful resources.

To begin with, this region has several natural sources of useful metal. Compared to the metal poor Ondaron and Baradan, Occupied Calyeron has an abundance of iron, including high-quality ore useful in weapons and construction. It also houses manufacturing plants for high-quality steel, which was one of the region’s most important exports before the Baradani invasion. Like the rest of Calyeron, there are significant coal deposits here as well, which is one reason the steel produced here is so good (as quality coke can be easily obtained). The timber industry also thrives, as Occupied Calyeron borders the Leban Woods. The land is also known for its abundance of fruit-bearing trees and is famed for its olives.

The strategic location of Occupied Calyeron has lead to it being attacked a number of times, most recently during The Calyeron-Baradan War of 192 – 196 ACW. Baradan claims all the lands north of the Carn Bannog river, but it doesn’t actually have the hearts and minds of the populace, and most of Baradan’s control is limited to the northern towns along the Boneavon River. The Cayleri underclass continually raids Baradani outposts, sabotage the construction of Newcastle (which is being built as a status symbol of Baradan’s rule), and generally make life miserable for the occupiers, and it’s clear the Calyeri consider the matter far from settled.

  • Advantages: Metal Rich, Abundant Population, Abundant Natural Resources, Exceptional Product
  • Disadvantages: Mixed population, Occupied, Exposed Location
  • Government: Military occupation
  • Capital: Currently Caer Calrann, though the Baradani hope that Newcastle will be the center of the new regime eventually.
  • Major cities: Cael Calrann, Newcastle
  • Major Regions: The Boneavon River
  • Alignment: LN occupation dealing with NE insurgency

Belief: The Calyeri believe that other nations have stolen what they, as the true heirs of the Kelsenon Empire and the Great Church, rightly deserve. The Baradani believe that they are the protectors of justice, charged by the Lion of Heaven to unite the world under his banner.
Main Goal: The Calyeri seek to eject the conquerors from their land. The Baradani want to harvest the resources of the occupied lands.
Contradictory Goal: The Baradani want to bring the Calyeri into their culture and convert them to the worship of The Lion of Heaven as head of the pantheon. The Calyeri want to survive with their culture and heritage intact, even if it means sometimes working with the occupiers.
Rituals: The Baradani despise intoxicants and have banned the sale and distribution of Sweetblood in New Baradan, and have tried to encourage use of their baptism ceremonies in Sweetblood’s place. The Calyeri have taken to going to baptisms then immediately seeking out “sacred speakeasies” for Sweetblood rituals. Clayeri smugglers and clandestine Sweetblood distillers, called “Bloodfingers” for the wine stains on their hands from their illicit products, are treated very harshly by the Baradani. It’s generally considered a death sentence to be “caught red-handed” in Occupied Calyeron.

NPC (Baradan) Racan Thrice-Wounded [LN Adult Male Baradani Human Paladin]
Appearance: Commander Vaughn Racan is a mighty and pious crusader of Terak. He wears the vambrace, the forelock, the lion’s head, unshorn hair, and his waraxe with pride in the custom of the Order of the Golden Lion. His nickname comes from the three visible wounds he carries—two missing fingers on his left hand from breaking the siege of Llyr, a ragged half-ear from his assault on the Caercalrann Wall, and, most prominently, a jagged scar down the right side of his face and a missing eye from his defeat of the bandit Dreok Cutthroat.
Portrayal: Racan is the consummate soldier, strong-willed and tough as old leather. He likes to reminisce about the campaigns he’s fought, and has a story for each of the major wounds he’s taken—not only about the three major wounds that gave him his nickname, but dozens of minor wounds as well. As a holy warrior in Terak’s service he does not shave his hair, does not drink intoxicants, and speaks loudly of other races being his brothers.
Hook: Racan might serve as a patron or an adversary, depending on which side of the conflict the PCs are on. He’s still hunting Dreok, though his motives have mutated from duty to his country to personal vendetta.

New Baradan

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