Noh The Boojum

Noh the Boojum is a legendary villain of the Hundred Years Chaos. He was one of the Changelings who The Zargoni Conspiracy picked to replace nobility in The Court of Stars, in this case The Lord of the Forlorn Tower. This noble was rumored to be succumbing to The Madness, so Noh was instructed to act insane. The Zargoni picked a good candidate for this.

Noh had grown up with a terrible hatred for the Eladrin who lived in luxury while he and his daughter starved, so he used the opportunity to take his vengeance. Under the guise of a mad Ferie Lord, he commanded his subjects to do unspeakable things to each other for his pleasure. It is said that there wasn’t an ounce of sympathy or compassion in his soul as he forced fathers to slaughter their sons in the arena. He was fond of sadistic choices, forcing people to chose which of their loved ones his guards would torture and kill. It is said that Noh the Boojum was worse than any of the devils that later invaded.

So when the Army of Darkness was finally repelled, the Wild Hunt was keen to bring him to justice. By this time, he was an old man, and he was discovered and captured relatively easily. His trial was a sham mockery, and he was sentenced to execution via crucifixion. They had also captured his daughter, and gave him a befitting punishment – he would chose the manner of her death, just as he had sadistically forced his “subjects” to chose the deaths of their families.

Now, while he deserved execution for his crimes, his daughter had not participated in his reign of terror, and was, in fact, innocent of any wrongdoing. She had left him long ago to start a family, and that whole family was brought to Minas Elendrii in chains. They were tortured, mutilated, and maimed, while Noh was forced to watch. He could not contain his screams of agony as they died, and would not close his mouth even as they set a Faceless Mask on him. He, alone among all the other changelings so captured, was able to curse his captors as he slowly died of starvation and thirst on the cross.

Today, Noh is used as a boogieman to frighten both eladrin and changeling children. It is said that his spirit could not rest, and roams the world, cursing and wailing at everything. To hear his scream is to die, some say, like the Boojums or Banshees of legend.

Noh The Boojum

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