The Daughters of the Dawn

The Daughters of the Dawn were Eladrin sisters who lived in Old Notre Dame during The Hundred Years Chaos. They had been raised in The Middle World after their parents fled The Army of Darkness that had swallowed up Avaleron. They showed talent with divine magic at an early age. By the time The Exalt-In-Exile settled in Calyeron, Miranda was a strong leader rising through the ranks of the Great Church, Elaine had been inducted into The Knights Paladin, and Miranda’s daughter Clarice was in training as a squire.

When The Army of Darkness invaded the Middle World in 1626 KR, The Daughters of the Dawn organized a militia to fight back. They joined forces with Lightfoot’s Privateers. They won The Battle of Dulac. They destroyed the Anchor Portal that later became The Ghost Tower of Old Notre Dame. They destroyed or captured over a dozen Anchor Portals, severing the ties that allowed diabolic reinforcements into the world. They won The Battle of Golden Dawn, destroying the last Anchor Portal. They fought in The Battle of Notre Dame to scatter the remaining devil forces. They participated in The Treaty of Leban that ended the war between Baradan and Corsasia.

After the war, they recovered St Hywel’s Statue from the ruins of Old Notre Dame, then settled in to retirement.

The Daughters of the Dawn were:

  • Reverend Mother Miranda DuParis, Eladrin cleric who lead the band. Miranda would go on to become The Exalt of The Great Church, a post she still holds (as of 199 ACW).
  • Dame Elaine DuParis, Miranda’s sister, an Eladrin paladin. She was given peerage and eventually rose to command of The Knights Paladin (though she retired from active command in 170 ACW). She still lives in The Holy Seat.
  • Thomas DuParis, Elaine’s husband and brother of Michael. He lived through the conflict, dying of old age.
  • Squire Clarice DuParis, Miranda’s daughter, a half-elf Paladin who later broke from her mother’s company to make her own path and who died defending the town of Leroux, which renamed itself in her honor when she was beautified.

The Daughters of the Dawn

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