The Elemental Titans

Part of the Third Generation of Gods. The Elemental Titans were created by The First Child as companions from The Howling Storm. Together, they wandered The Ten Thousand Things with the First Child when he was banished. The Elemental Titans created dragons and giants as servants, though the giants eventually turned on them and sided with the Demons. They fought against the demons in The First War, but were not corrupted by them. They fought against the Seven for the control of the world when it became clear the Seven had fallen to evil, but lost and were imprisoned in the Howling Storm (and were subsequently vilified by the Seven for much of The Age of Darkness). They were rescued by The Nine Heroes during The Age of Heroes and became one of the Pantheons. They abstained from The Godswar, but signed The Compact nonetheless. They are one of the Pantheons of Erigor, and a version of the Elemental Titans appear in the Creel an Morgan alongside the Nine. They are often depicted as dragons (especially in Tymanther) or giants.

The Elemental Titans are:

Father Stone

Mother Sea

Brother Flame

Sister Gale

Cousin Ore

The Platinum Dragon

The Five-Headed Queen

The Elemental Titans

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