The Eternal Mentor

The Eternal Mentor, Tinel Corellon

God of Magic, Knowledge, Discourse, and Truth

Alignment: Unaligned, though he sometimes drifts to Chaotic Good.

Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Creation

Symbol: The Eye of Truth, often printed on a book’s cover, is said to be the eye though which The Eternal Mentor can see and record contents which must be preserved. Most of his followers are bookish sorts and prefer weapons that aren’t difficult to use. Many take up the quarterstaff, but many more are comfortable with spells and magic.

Description: The Eternal Mentor watches over that which is known. He is the patron of that which is learned and practiced. He defeated The Patient One by careful use of his accumulated lore, spread through discourse and discreet teaching. He is the caretaker of The Books of the Righteous, through which all the good and just deeds of mortal men are recorded, to be used in their final judgment.

Holy Orders: The Lorekeepers are the major sect of dedicated Tinel worshipers, though certain Natural Philosophers seek to put accumulated lore to practical use. The Order of the Living Shadow, though not a religious organization, has much in common with the Lorekeepers.

The Lorekeepers are split into two factions—those who believe Tinel is a kind, caring god who wants best for mankind but would rather let them discover the truth for themselves, and those who feel Tinel only cares about the pursuit of knowledge and couldn’t give two figs for the rest of reality. Both sects participate in the ritual of The Vision of the Opening Eye, a series of meditaive techniques designed to bring forth a vivid dream that the Tinelite will then spend the rest of his life attempting to ponder.

Both factions believe:

  • There is Truth, facts about the universe that are incontestable, and it is the duty and purpose of the faithful to find and examine the Truth through the use of their senses and empirical evidence.

Where they differ is on the specifics. The faction of the Heavenly Archmage believes:

  • Every person has a great riddle, and the only way to find happiness is to examine one’s own existance and unravel the riddle of his being. Most never do, which is why so many continue along the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • It is the Lorekeeper’s sacred duty to accumulate, preserve, and distribute knowledge in sll forms. They must pursue education, build libraries, and seek out lost and ancient lore.

The faction of The Eternal Student hold that:

  • The mortal world is an illusion without consequence, created only to weed out the worthy from the worthless. Only those who have collected the most Truth in their lifetimes will be chosen to aid Tinel in his studies to preserve Creation from the End Times. All that matters is the accumulation of Truth for the final test.
  • It is the Lorekeeper’s duty to seek perfection of the mind by bringing reason, perception, and emotion into balance with one another, and that they must be watchful at all times for those who seek to control knowledge and keep secrets.

The Natural Philosophers tend to straddle this line. They believe in Truth, and they also believe they must:

  • Seek out new ideas, new inventions, new lands to inhabit, new wilderness to conquer. Build machines, build cities, build empires.

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The Eternal Mentor

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