The Green Mother

The Green Mother, Mynora Elhonna

Goddess of Nature, Growth, Life, Spring, and Agriculture

Alignment: Good

Domains: Life, Earth, Wilderness

Symbol: Most Minorans represent their faith with a single stout tree. Sometimes the tree is surrounded by a stylized circle representing one of the four elements, which is usually a sign that the Minoran in question also worships one of Minora’s four daughters, the Four Sisters. Minorans generally favor weapons that represent agricultural pursuits, such as sickles, scythes, flails, and quarterstaffs. The scimitar is also a popular weapon among her holy warriors, as Minora is depicted as wielding one against the Seven Demon Lords.

Description: She is the Green. She is the soil beneath your feet, from which all crops spring, and from which all life owes existence. She is Grandmother Nature, keeper of the cycles of old. Those who work the land for their livelihood offer prayers to her, seeking her blessing for bountiful crops and good harvests. Those who live as one with nature venerate her even as seek to limit their impact on their environment. She is depicted as a matronly old woman, usually either human, dwarf, or elf in aspect, clad in robes made from bountiful soil and spring growth.

Holy Orders: There are two major orders of Mynoran faith: The Sowers and the Druids.

The Druids are those who worship the more primal aspects of nature and the wild. They see Mynora as their patron and intermediary between mortals and the primal spirits of nature. They are mostly concerned with keeping the fell influences of The Seven and The Primordial in check. They are charged with the following:

  • Preserve the balance of life and death, birth and decay.
  • Respect nature in all its savagery, and revere the world in all its natural beauty.
  • Hunt and destroy abberant monsters and other abominations of nature (such as undead)

The Sowers are a rural sect of Mynorans who promote agriculture and work the land for the bounty of all. They tend to be far less militant than their cousins the Druids, acting as raincallers and advocates for proper management of the land. Many work out of the local temple of The Great Church, though a few places (such as the Eastern Province of Coralton) have small dedicated lodges. They are charged to:

  • Preserve the cycle of growth and the harvest.
  • Live on and with the land.
  • Be generous in sharing the land’s bounty.

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The Green Mother

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