The Holy Avenger of St Tremayne

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This mighty blade was commissioned by Sir Kevin Tremayne, a mighty paladin who protected Calyeron Province from the depredations of The Dargon of The Vercot Woods. He forged the blade from silver taken from the horde of a lesser shadow dragon. It took several years to finish the enchantment, but the blade smote the dread shadow dragon when Sir Tremayne faced it.

When St. Tremayne died (1402 KR, 142 BCW), he was interred with the sword and several other relics (an old pendent, his plate mail armor, and a pair of emeralds) which he always kept on his person. After his beautification his tomb became a pilgrimage site, and his remains were undisturbed for centuries. This changed when The Army of Darkness captured the township of St. Tremayne (1627 KR, 83 CW). The devil army terribly vandalized all holy sites in the areas they controlled. However, the tomb of St. Tremayne remained inviolate. Only the sword was missing from the tomb when the Daughters of the Dawn liberated St. Tremayne after the Battle of Notre Dame (1644 KR, 0 ACW). The saint’s other relics (bones, pendent, mail and emeralds) remained intact.

The missing blade was actually recovered by The Platinum Heirs, a band of dragonborn paladins who held the blood of Bahamut in their veins. They used it in the campaign against the Army of Darkness. But they did not trust The Exalt-In-Exile, who they felt was corrupt and cowardly, and instead took it upon themselves to protect the blade. They took the blade to a fortress on the banks of Lac Mordu, The Blacklake. What became of this order is not yet known, but the blade still rests there, waiting for a worthy soul to take it up against a powerful threat once more.

The Holy Avenger of St Tremayne

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