The King of Hell

The King of Hell, Lucifer Asmodeus

God of Tyranny, Power, and Hellfire

Alignment: Lawful Evil. So very, very lawful evil.

Symbol: When The King of Hell was one of the Seven Creators, he was known as The Morning Star and represented by a golden pentagram. The pentagram, now inverted and red, still serves as his symbol to most, though his actual followers do not wear the pentagram openly and have various secret symbols known only to a particular cell. Those who wear the pentagram openly tend to do so for shock value.

Domains: Sun, Tyranny, Civilization, Vengeance



Holy Orders:

  • Asmodesus, whom you serves, is the greatest power in Creation, and you must serve him without question.
  • Seek power over others, that you might rule with strength.
  • Repay evil with evil. If others ar kind to you, exploit their weakness for your own gain.
  • Show neither pity nor mercy to those who are caught underfoot as you climb your way to power. The weak do not deserve compassion.

The King of Hell

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