The Lion of Heaven

The Lion of Heaven, Terak Corean

God of Justice, Law, Valor, and War

Alignment: Lawful Good, sometimes shading into Lawful Neutral

Domains: Civilization, Justice, War. The Justicars can choose Protection instead of War.

Symbol: The Golden Lion, a stylized depiction of a roaring lion standing on its hind legs, is a common heraldry device. Sometimes a lion’s head is used instead, most commonly when a simpler device is needed. Some cultures confuse Terak with Bahamut The Platinum Dragon, and so instead use draconic imagery instead. This confusion often occurs because Terak and Bahamut have the same overall goals and outlooks, though Terak is more concerned with maintaining law and order and shepherding the dead. Most Teraketh prefer wielding axes in combat, but martial weapons of all types are used by the soldiers who pay homage to him.

Description: Terak Corean is the judge of all souls and the general of the forces of heaven. He has two thrones: one in the Heavenly Palace of the Moon, from which he can watch over the world of mortals to see if they are building just and decent societies, and one in the Halls of Judgment along the River of time, where he judges the deeds of the souls the Raven Lord brings him and decides their final fate. Just as every mortal will feel the Raven Lord’s bony hand, every Mortal will stand and face the Lion’s Judgment.

Holy Orders: When most people think of Terak, they picture The Order of The Golden Lion. The lay clergy is represented by The Justicars.

The Order of the Golden Lion have crusaders, generals, warlords, and common soldiers among their ranks. Most aspire to uphold their god’s ideals in word and deed, and many become paladins in his name. They are the most common face of Terak, especially since the Order of the Golden Lion was the Kelsenon Empire’s police force. Many old fortresses from the Empire’s time still contain Golden Lion heraldry, as does many newer works built by the nation of Baradan. Though the Order no longer has the direct backing of the Young Kingdoms, it still holds to these ideals:

  • Respect and enforce the law, and honor your traditions.
  • Demonstrate truthfulness, loyalty, and steadfast devotion to a rightful cause.
  • Do not flinch in the execution of your duty, no matter what the consequence.

The Justicars are trained to be arbiters, judges, and peace keepers. They strive to find official positions in those capacities, and many can be found in courts and parliaments across Elondaron, especially the Theocracy of Baradan. The Justicars are expected to abide by the following precepts:

  • There will be justice, in this life or the next. Take not the law into your own hands, but strive instead to bring the lawbreaker to justice.
  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor. Neither lie, nor cheat, nor steal, nor tolerate companions who do. Never knowingly allow an injustice to be done.
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order. All people have a right to be judged, and those who deny others this right must be opposed.

The Lion of Heaven

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