The Merry Prankster

The Merry Prankster, Aeson Darmon

God Travel, Trickery, and Trade

Alignment: Chaotic Good, though he sometimes dips into Chaotic Neutral.

Domains: Change, Freedom, Luck, Wealth, Wind

Symbol: Aeson is a master of disguise and the patron of actors, so many Trickster sects represent him with a mixed mask that combines the smiling face of Comedy on one half and the crying face of Tragedy on the other. Sometimes just the mask of Comedy is used. The Wayfarers prefer to represent Aeson with a coin or golden disk (though sometimes the coin is stamped with the mask of Comedy out of respect). The Runners prefer a simple wave of three lines, representing the free wind and open road. Most followers of the Merry prankster prefer shortswords or rapiers.

Description: Aeson Darmon is the god of travelers, tricksters and rogues, good fortune, trade, merchants, diplomacy, messengers, actors, jester, and the like. He is a happy god who wanders the world, delighting in the simple pleasures of the open road and the rowdy tavern to hearth and home. He is a patron of the arts, especially theatrical ones, and his roadside shrines dot the landscape. Aeson seeks a world free of stuffiness and useless restriction, a world filled with wealth, joy, good food, magnificent song, and, most of all, laughter. Despite the Compact, he still wanders the roads of the world, spouting advice to those he meets.

Holy Orders: The Wayfarers are as much a business as a holy order. Sometimes, individual Tricksters dedicate themselves more fully to Aeson’s cause. And the Runners of Aeson are messengers and couriers who pride themselves on being able to deliver anything anywhere.

The Wayfarers operate inns and taverns all across Alrahon and Elondaron. There is absolutely no central authority—the Houses are all open forums where debate and diplomacy are the norm. The central tenets of the Wayfarers are:

  • Live your life as completely as any may be lived. Sponsor beauty and laughter with your wealth. Contemplate delight, not despair, happiness, not horror.
  • Build the congress of morality, do not take from it. Ease conflicts and act as mediator. Form fast and lifelong friendships. Lead others to live their lives more for their friends and family than for themselves.
  • Protect the wealth of good people, take away the wealth of the dark things of the world. Celebrate the wonders of prosperity, but do not become obsessed with your own wealth.

The Tricksters, on the other hand, seek to emulate Aeson’s carefree, adventuring lifestyle. Many of these vagabonds and rebels take a name based on one of the Utterances of Aeson, sayings and advice from the God which he passed to mortals during his travels. The Trickster takes the aphorism to hear, and takes a byname based on that saying as he ponders it’s meaning an application to his own life. For instance, the pirate Martin Threekeys took that name from the saying that “There are three keys to wealth: opportunity, cleverness, and above all integrity.” When Martin retired from the seafaring life and opened his own tavern, he changed his name to Martin Tenbones, from the saying “Life’s as random as a game of Tenbones” when he felt he’d learned what Aeson had been teaching him. The tenets of the Tricksters are:

  • Luck favors the bold. Take your fate into your own hands, and Aeson smiles on you.
  • Strike back against those who would rob you of your freedom and urge others to fight for their own liberty.
  • Change is inevitable, but it takes the work of the faithful to ensure that change is for the better.

The Runners of Aeson are messengers and scribes who tend the wayshrines, deliver news across nations, and seek new horizons. Most Runners tend toward the Trickster sect, but don’t have to be.

Channel Divinity:

The Merry Prankster

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