The Nine Heroes

Pantheon of Gods and culture heroes who were once mortals opposed to the tyranny of The Seven Devils. The Nine Heroes rose up against the Seven Devils, convinced the mortals to follow them into battle, freed mortal souls unjustly trapped in Hell, and vanquished the Seven, either slaying them or imprisoning them in The Seven Hells. During The Age of Heroes, they freed The Elemental Titans and walked amongst mankind. They elevated the other Pantheons to immortality in order to create a check against their power, to ensure they would not become tyrants as the Seven had. They allowed children born of the Seven to join pantheons and become full-fledged gods in their own right. They fought in The Godswar, and drafted The Compact to end the war. They created Exarchs as their proxies in the mortal realm, and used these until one of their number grew ambitious and created The Dark Reaper to slay Exarchs of other gods, causing The Grim Harvest. After this, they removed themselves from the mortal realm entirely, agreeing with the other Pantheons only to act indirectly in the world through clerics and churches in their name. They are The Pantheon of The Kelsenon Empire.

The Nine Heroes are:

The White Lady—Lawful Good Goddess of Peace, Redemption, Wisdom, and The Sun. She is the Queen of Heaven, who presides over the other gods as ruler. She is the one who breaks disputes. She is revered by The Great Church over the rest of the Nine.

The Red Maiden—Good Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Artistry. She was an eladrin princess once, who was ravaged by The Nightmare Prince. Because of this, she became a patron of love and artistry, dedicated to bringing beauty to the world to spite the ugliness of The Seven.

The Green Mother—Good Goddess of Nature, Growth, Life, and Agriculture.

The Lion of Heaven—Lawful Good God of Justice, Law, Valor, and War. He is the Last Judge of mortal souls, passing sentence on those who have died for their deeds in life. He assigns one of three fates: Either a stay in The Hall of Peace and Bliss for the righteous, condemnation to The Hall of Torment and Sorrow for the wicked, or consignment to the River of Time for those worthy of neither hall. Occasionally, a deity will intervene on a soul’s behalf and bring them to their personal domains as servants, or a soul will have damned itself to one of The Seven Hells for committing one of the Immortal Sins, and they will be removed from the cycle. When Creation is threatened, The Lion marshals the Heavenly Hosts and serves as their mightiest general.

The Raven Lord—Unaligned God of Death, The Dead, Fate, and Destiny. An aloof and sometimes terrifying figure, the Raven Lord is the last guide of mortal souls, who brings them to their final destination in The Halls of Judgment before consigning their souls to the River of Time.

The Eternal Mentor—Unaligned God of Magic, Knowledge, Discourse, and Truth.

The Merry Prankster—Good God Travel, Trickery, and Trade.

The Storm Prince—Good God of Strength, Athletics, Storms, and Heroes. The second youngest of the Nine Heroes. He was a mortal who ascended to godhood in the wake of the death of his predecessor, The Bloody One, at the hands of The Beast Lord during The Hundred Years Chaos. He earned his position by slaying the avatar of The Beast Lord that manifested in The World, an act that lead to his death.

The Smiling One—Unaligned Goddess of Mysteries, Shadows, Inspiration, and Luck. The youngest of the Nine Heroes, ascended to fill the gap caused by the banishment of Vecna. She is the most mysterious of the gods to mortals, and some whisper that she is not a personification at all, but a pure idea given form. Others whisper that she is the reincarnation of The Queen Of Air And Darkness, a fairy goddess killed by the Dark Reaper during his rampage.

The Nine Heroes

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