The Red Maiden

The Red Maiden, Syriia Amyra

Goddess of Love, Beauty, Artistry, and The Moon

Alignment: Good

Domains: Love, Skill, Moon

Symbol: The Radiant Heart, a stylized heart surrounded by a glowing sunburst, is the most commonly associated symbol used by both Celebrants and the Order of The Radiant Heart. Those who focus more on Syriia’s aspects as a patron of arts and music may use the symbols of their trade (a musical instrument, a painter’s brush, etc.) instead, but this is far from common. Clerics who go into battle generally prefer ranged weapons, such as the longbow, though the rapier is fashionable among the Order of the Radiant Heart.

Description: Syriia is the patron of artists and lovers. She provides inspiration for great works of art, for passions that fuel the great romances, and for those who seek to better their lives and stations. She is a goddess of change and innovation, and though she is somewhat fickle in her attentions she usually has her heart in the right place. She is the patron of the fey, and loves the art of Magic as much as other forms of expression.

Holy Orders: The two major orders of Syriia are The Celebrants (the clergy) and The Order of the Radiant Heart (the militant arm).

Celebrants do not have an extensive hierarchy. Instead, the senior priests (often, but not always, a married couple) organize sponsorships for worthy artists, support local theaters and galleries, perform marriage services (and counseling in matters of the heart), and sometimes offer their patronage to adventurers tasked with retrieving some great lost work of art in order to preserve it for the future. People often come to the Celebrants for help, and Celebrants often serve as therapists and confidants. They take this duty very seriously, and are charged with not revealing secrets that they have been trusted with (though mistakes have been known to happen). Celebrants are charged to:

  • Cultivate beauty in all that you do, whether you’re casting a spell, composing a saga, strumming a lute, or practicing the arts of war.
  • Celebrate the creation of beauty, and share it so that all can revel in the joy of life.
  • Never lose hope or faith, and help those who have learn to find their way once more.

The Order of the Radiant Heart interprets Amyra’s teachings differently. They seek to be great heroes, and put their lives on the line to defend that which is beautiful and awe-inspiring. They are generally wanderers who travel the land, doing great deeds in the name of their goddess. They swear to:

  • Seek beauty and love in all its forms.
  • Follow your passions in love and art wherever your heart might lead you.
  • Bring light to the darkness, and hold back the tide of evil.

Channel Divinity: Worshipers of Syriia Amyra may select the following Channel Divinity powers as Feats:

Channel Divinity: Amyra’s Inspiration

Invoking Amyra’s name, you help an ally against a challenging foe.
Encounter ✦ Divine
Minor Action Close burst 1
Target: One ally in burst
Effect: The target gains a +2 power bonus to his or her next attack roll or skill check made before the end of your next turn.
Special: You must take the Amyra’s Inspiration feat to use this power.

Channel Divinity: Hope of Amyra

Amyra watches over you. When your foes overwhelm you, she grants a silver flicker of hope.
Encounter ✦ Divine
No Action Personal
Trigger: You fail a saving throw
Effect: You can immediately reroll the saving throw you just failed.
Special: You must take the Hope of Amyra feat to use this power.

The Red Maiden

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