The Shroudmist Forest

The Shroudmist is a patch of forest that exists in both The World and The Feywild. There are many portals between the two, and Fey creatures often travel from one world to another. This makes the wood very dangerous, even during the best of times. However, it serves as an important link between Avaleron and Coralton, and especially the towns of St Clarice and Minas Mesidii. Every spring, on the festival of Winterend, a large, permanent gate known as The Winterend Passage opens between the worlds, and remains open for three months, allowing trade caravans to pass through. The forest is named The Shroudmist after the ghostly white mist that rolls in every spring, concurrent to the opening of the Passage. Many people believe the forest is haunted, and that ghosts lurk in that ghostly mist.

During the last year, the Shroudmist has not faded. This may have something to do with the Eladrin archeology team that vanished exploring some newly-discovered ruins in the western woods.

Important NPCs

Several creatures have made their home in The Shroudmist, staking out domains similar to Fairy Demesnes. There is also Shroudmist Grove, a settlement near the Passage that monitors travel between the worlds and protects travelers from the dangers of the forest.

Important Locations

The Shroudmist Forest

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