The Smiling One

The Smiling One, Cyndel Tymora

Goddess of Mysteries, Shadows, Illusions, Autumn, and Curiosity

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with a slight lean towards Chaotic Good.

Domains: Darkness, Knowledge, Trickery. Grinning Heretics may take the Strife domain instead of Knowledge, if they are so inclined.

Symbol: Very few recognized signs mark this deity, but be watchful of an inverted question mark (¿), as this may be the hook that baits your curiosity. And once you are caught, you may never escape. The weapons used by followers of the Smiling One vary, though Grinning Heretics are fond of unpleasant weapons such as hooks or sickles, the sorts of intimidating weapons you don’t want to see in someone’s hands when you meet them in a dark alley.

Description: A sly wink in the shadows. A glittering giggle in the crowd. A slow smirk, hidden from view. All of these are The Smiling One, who keeps her own counsel on all things. She is the watcher in the night, the queen of wind and shadows, crafting images without substance and sneaking into the most guarded of places out to tease out the most interesting secrets. She is a trickster with a thousand faces—every one of them are the truth, and none of them are. Praise her, for she is behind you right now, and will be gone when you turn to look.

Because her eyes watch everything, she has been appointed the caretaker of The Books of the Wicked, the tomes which record all the sins and failings of mortals, which will be used in judgment when they stand before The Lion of Heaven in the afterlife. She is said to only be interested in watching sin, not promoting it, but certain heretics challenge this with their actions.

Holy Orders: The Smiling One is fairly obscure and does not have a widespread clergy. Those who worship her do so on a personal level, and there are no formal churches in her name. Or at least none that operate openly. Some whisper that the Smiling One is actually an aspect of a different god or goddess, masquerading as a goddess of luck and mystery to work their own agenda. Rumors fly about who or what could be the Smiling One, from archdevils to faerie lords to one of The Seven in disguise. Only the worshipers of the Smiling One know for sure, and they aren’t talking. Follows of The Smiling One appear to follow these commandments:

  • Follow your goals and seek your own destiny.
  • Keep to the shadows, avoiding the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil. Keep your secrets close and share them sparingly.
  • Seek new horizons and new experiences, and let nothing tie you down. Seek out curiosities and wonder.

Certain members of her order are known as Grinning Heretics misinterpret her teachings, and seek to instigate strife and discord for its own sake, rationalizing that their goddess will be more interested in watching over them if they give her something to watch. They are gossipmongers, agents provocateur, anarchists, and other disruptive elements. They abide by the following tenants:

  • Order is stagnation. Still ponds breed insects and foulness, and must be stirred.
  • Nothing is permanent. Ensure that change improves your lot and damages your enemies.
  • The brew of strife, misdirection, and change is a heady one, so watch that you are not carried away. You must be the stick that stirs the pond, not the stick carried away by the churning ripples.

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The Smiling One

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