The Wardens of The Alabaster Aegis

In order to atone for the sins of the past, the Wardens of the Alabaster Aegis have become powerful guardians for the city of Notre Dame. Using their mastery of arcane magic, the Wardens have woven a series of wards and spells in and around Notre Dame, and their magic is what keeps the prisoners of The Bastille safely locked away from the public. All will be well as long as the Wardens can maintain their complex web of sorcery. A pity that makes them such a target.


The Wardens can be found at The White Tower in Wizardside in Notre Dame…sometimes. More usually, they are out and about checking and strengthening the various wards of the city, or monitoring the city from The Floating Fortress, or making sure The Bastille remains secure.


The Alabaster Aegis was founded in 17 ACW (1661 KR) by Eladrin wizards who were former members of The Luminous Cabal of the Topaz Throne. In order to ease the concerns of the populace, who still had the betrayal of the previous Sorcerer’s Enclave fresh in their minds, the wizard group began training wizards as protectors, creating wards and defenses designed to keep planar incursions at bay and repent for the mistakes of the past.

While originally the Wardens of the Alabaster Aegis are merely another tool of the Eladrin Eugenics Program, overtime they grew less connected to the Undying Emperor and more concerned with actually fulfilling their mandate to protect Notre Dame from magical threats. By the time of Blackfire’s first appearance in the world, the Wardens were completely loyal to Coralton.


The Warden protects everyone in Notre Dame, which makes him the toast of the town, especially among the nobility. His strongest alliances are with The Exalt (whom he likes on a personal level, being firmly Great Church), The High Sheriff (though he worries the High Sheriff might be overdoing things a bit), The Artificer (who provides him with a number of wonderful toys, which he repays with favorable protection magic for the forges and foundries), and The Cardinal (whom he has no issue with). Being devout Great Church, he finds the Rosicrucian’s reformist rhetoric distasteful but doesn’t actually consider her an enemy or rival.


The Warden absolutely despises The Son of Yorick (and the feeling is mutual). If you asked him what the greatest single threat to the city was, what threat he was most interested in stopping, The Warden would mention The Son of Yorick before Blackfire (which he also hates, but to a lesser degree), The Hexblades (whom he feels turn their magic to selfish and evil ends), The Neverborn Prince (who keeps getting around his wards), or The Comrade (who keeps upsetting the city order with his rallies and strikes). The Warden may dislike those other threats, but he finds them containable. The Sons of Yorick, however, are a direct and hostile threat to everything he’s built, and he’ll be damned if that Calyeri son of a bitch harms his city. The Jack of Ashes would be on this list, but the Warden doesn’t see him as a threat, seeing as he’s locked away.

The Alabaster Aegis
Belief: The Alabaster Aegis believes that in order to atone for unleashing the Army of Darkness on the world, magic should be used for the defense and protection of that which it once threatened.
Goal 1: Educate the next generation of spellcasters, to keep them from treading down the dark path
Goal 2: Study the magics necessary to keep Notre Dame safe

High Warden Alexandre Regis
[NG middle aged male Corsasian human, Fighter/wizard]
Appearance: Warden Regis is a mighty man, reaching middle age but still vigorous and handsome. He has graying hair (with only a few streaks of black left) and a trim goatee. He resembles George Clooney. He’s actually a fighter-wizard, wearing scale armor and wielding an enchanted blade. Many assume he’s a paladin when they first meet him.
Portrayal: Warden Regis is dedicated and devoted. He’s a devout Great Church Faithful, and though he has no divine magic he’s very well versed in the church lore. He’s pleasant and easygoing most of the time, but can be cold and curt to the point of rudeness when preoccupied with some arcane problem. He has a Corsasian accent.
Ideals, Flaws, Bonds: Faith, Fortitude, Wrath

The Wardens of The Alabaster Aegis

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