The White Lady

The White Lady, Cyra Morwyn

Goddess of Peace, Redemption, Wisdom, Summer, and The Sun

Alignment: Good. The Great Church of the White Lady, however, is Lawful Good.

Domains: Hope, Protection, Sun, Civilization

Symbol: The Great Church‘s most recognized symbol is The Crescent, a semi-circular crescent transfixed by a single line. This symbol grew out of an ancient tale representing the dawn’s triumph over darkness. The Dawnbreakers reject the great church’s trappings, and instead use a solar ring as their defining symbol. Clerics of the Great Church are enjoined against bloodshed (though not actual pacifism), so the preferred weapon of the Great Church is the mace or maul. Paladins in the Great Church’s service tend to prefer the longsword. The Dawnsingers use the mace exclusively.

Description: Cyra Morwyn is the Goddess of the Dawn, the Queen of Heaven, and the leader of the Nine Heroes. It is she who causes the sun to rise, and who dispels the darkness with her holy light. She banishes shadows in the hearts of men as well, chasing away the wicked desires that poison people’s souls. Unlike her husband Terak, she does not sit in judgment, nor does she condemn those who have fallen from the path of righteousness. She will forgive you of every sin, wrongdoing, or failing, if only you open your heart to her and allow her glorious radiance to fill your being. By her light, you will be saved.

Holy Orders: The major holy order of The White Lady is The Great Church. However, in recent years The Dawnbreakers sect has gained momentum.

The Great Church is the largest faith in Alrahon, and represents the Nine Heroes as a whole just as much as Cyra Morwyn herself. They have shrines to each of the Nine within their churches, and lead services on holy days to the other nine and even the occasional local deity, but there is never a question of whom the Great Church holds in the highest regard as the most powerful, potent, and wise of all gods. Their faith relies on strict adherence to the tenets of the order as the only way to guarantee that you life’s deeds will get you into the halls of paradise when the Raven Lord leads your soul to The Lion’s Judgment after death. The tenets of the Great Church are:

  • Obey the church’s law and respect doctrine and tradition, even above the laws of the land, for the Laws of Heaven are more pure and just than the laws of man.
  • Demonstrate truthfulness, loyalty, and steadfast devotion to a rightful cause. Do good in all your works and deeds.
  • Work with others to achieve your goals. Community and order are always stronger than the disjointed efforts of lone individuals.
  • Tame the wilderness to make it fit for habitation, and defend the light of civilization against the encroaching darkness.

The holy warriors dedicated to The Great Church are known as The Knights Paladin, and it is from this order that the word “Paladin” has become synonymous with “holy warrior” throughout Alrahon and Elondaron. The Code of the Paladin is perhaps the most famous and well known knight code in the lands of the former Kelsenon Empire. The Knights Paladin are enjoined to:

  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice.
  • Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts.
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order.

The Dawnbreakers (also called Dawnsingers or Dawnmothers]] are a recent movement that has rejected the Great Church’s policies and teachings. They hold that the Great Church no longer honors the true tenets and teachings of Morwyn, and have become intolerant and cripplingly hide-bound. They preach that Morwyn is a goddess of compassion, forgiveness, and peace, and that mortals should strive to love their fellows rather than sit in judgment of them. Naturally, this rejection of the Great Church’s values has lead to the sect being branded heretics and traitors to the truthiness of their great faith. The Dawnbreakers hold these teachings the highest:

  • Alleviate suffering wherever you find it.
  • Bring Morwyn’s light into places of darkness, showing kindness, mercy, and compassion, for Morwyn loves all mortals, and wishes them to do well in her sight.
  • Forgive those who do wrong against you, and strive to help them learn to forgive themselves. Seek to turn the darkness within them into a pure and glowing radiance that will shine out to heaven.

Channel Divinity: Worshipers of Cyra Morwyn may select the following Channel Divinity powers as Feats:

Channel Divinity: Morwyn’s Salve

Morwyn’s merciful light shines down on a sorely wounded comrade, giving him or her the strength to continue.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Healing
Immediate Reaction Ranged 10
Trigger: An ally drops to 0 hit points or fewer
Target: The triggering ally
Effect: The target can immediately spend a healing surge.
Special: You must take the Morwyn’s Salve feat to use this power.

Channel Divinity: Morwyn’s Martyrdom

You give of your own strength so that a wounded ally might endure.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Healing
Immediate Reaction Close burst 10
Trigger: An ally in burst is damaged by a critical hit
Target: The ally in burst damaged by a critical hit
Effect: The target can immediately gain one healing surge and immediately spend it. You lose one healing surge.
Special: You must take the Morwyn’s Martyrdom feat to use this power.

Channel Divinity: Power of Cyra Morwyn

Your radiant powers burn with the fury of the noontime sun.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Radiant
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You hit an enemy with a power with the radiant keyword
Effect: Your power deals an extra 1d10 radiant damage to all targets hit by the power used.
Special: You must take the Power of Cyra Morwyn feat to use this power.

Channel Divinity: Cyra Morwyn’s Radiance

When undead creatures abound, Cyra Morwyn’s radiance shines to aid the faithful.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action Close burst 1 (3 at 11th level, 5 at 21st level)
Target: Each undead creature in burst
Attack: Wisdom vs. Will
Hit: 1d12 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and the target is stunned until the end of your next turn. Increase damage to 2d12 at 5th level, 3d12 at 11th, 4d12 at 15th, 5d12 at 21st, and 6d12 at 25th.
Special: You must take the Cyra Morwyn’s Radiance feat to use this power.

The White Lady

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